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Morrisons accused of woke stunt after renaming Gingerbread Man biscuit

SUPERMARKET chain Morrisons has been accused of a woke stunt after renaming its Gingerbread Man biscuit as a “Gingerbread Person”.

All the retailer’s 497 UK stores will change to the gender-neutral treat — amid fears the use of “man” could be sexist.

The yummy treat will be branded as gender-neutral in all Morrisons UK stores amid fears that the use of ‘man’ could be sexist

Morrisons claims the rebranding of the £1.39 snack has been done “following customer feedback” and “to provide inclusivity to all”.

A search of its website yesterday found a sad looking gingerbread man and the notice “No Longer Stocked”.

Men’s rights campaigner Mike Buchanan hit out, saying: “This sort of complaint always originates from chronically whiny, malicious harpies with nothing better to do.

“Rather than standing up to them, targeted organisations almost always fold — to their eternal shame.”

Another source said: “I’m surprised they are even still calling them ginger, as that could offend someone as well.”

A range of household brands have also changed their product names to be inclusive.

Kleenex altered the name of its “Mansize” tissue pack to “Extra Large” after it was accused of sexism.

And Marks & Spencer changed the name of its “midget gem” sweets to “mini gems” over concerns it would offend people with dwarfism.

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