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I’m a mum and there is a free way to get extra space for your toddlers on a flight

A MUM has revealed how to get a ‘free’ way to get extra space when flying with toddlers.

Gabrielle Rashbaum, 33, revealed the trick when on a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London with her 17-month old son Miles.

A mum has revealed how to get extra space with your babies on flights

She said the hack is for when you are travelling on long flights, advising mums to book the bulkhead seats.

She told her thousands of followers on TikTok: “Our favorite toddler travel hack is taking red-eye flights!

“Pro tip: on international flights bassinets are available free of charge.

“1) reserve the bulkhead seats when booking.”

“2) follow up with the airline to confirm bassinet hooks are available in selected row.”

“3) at the airport, request the bassinet with the gate agent (bassinets aren’t guaranteed but we didn’t have any issues, apparently there are 2 on every international flight).

Gabrielle, from California, told Newsweek: “Luckily, we were on a red-eye flight, and Miles is used to sleeping in new environments so he fell asleep right away.

“We didn’t have to wake him during the flight since there wasn’t any turbulence.

“Miles woke up right before we had to return the bassinet to the crew, which was right before landing.”

She warned that they are limited, so airlines can’t guarantee a bassinet, and it has to be taken off during turbulence.

People loved her tips on her TikTok account though.

Another said: “I loved these for my sons when we traveled overnight. It’s the best

A third agreed: “I did that all the time with my kids. Pay for the bulk head. Best ever.”

UK airlines offer this service – British Airways says: “On our long haul services, we provide carrycots and infant seats free of charge for babies up to 2 years old, weighing under 12.5 kg (27.5lbs) that can be used in flight when the seat belt signs are off.”

Virgin also says: “We offer specially designed inflight cots or bassinets on board. You’ll need to get in touch to request a cot or bassinet before your flight so we can check availability.”

Here are the best child-friendly airlines too.

People loved her tip for travelling with young kids

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