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New fare splitting website claims to save up to 60% off train tickets with clever algorithm

SPLITTING your train fare is a completely legit way to save 100s offthe cost of your ticket.

It involves calculating if its cheaper to buy multiple tickets for the same journey usually without having to change trains.

You can book tickets using your phone at the station and pick them up 30 seconds later
The new website launched today and has had a steady stream of users already, the company said

A new fare-splitting website called launched today and it promises to save passengers up to 60 per cent off their usual fare.

It claims to unlock more cheap train fares than you can find anywhere else with a brand new algorithm.

A pretty bold claim.Jeremy Acklam, the CEO, Ticketclever told The Sun Online that he wanted to create a website that did more than what existing ones already do.

He said: The biggest savings are for journeys over an hour and on the day of travel.

But we show all the tickets. You can search for advance, flexible and same day travel. Well show the cheapest tickets.

Theres also no admin or booking fees for customers. Instead, Ticketclever makes it cash through deals with train companies. Eg, train firms pay them to sell you tickets.

The founders have a lot of experience in the train industry. Acklam was also behind the launch of for Sir Richard Branson in 1997.

But Ticketcleverisnt the only fare splitting website, so how is it different?.

Other similar websites may limit customers to just one split and in theory, the more splits the lower the fare.

Earlier this month, one frustrated commuter proved this theory.Andy Horton used a whiteboard and his knowledge of the train network to cut his ticket fare in half from Hampshire to Devon by splitting his journeyin to three parts.

Ticketclever has deals with train firms so that you can pick up tickets from over 15,000 stations

Thealternative route was hidden by ticket buying websites as they didnt know it was an option.

The amount of times passengers can split a ticket is limited to four with Ticketclever.

We thought this was the most sensible limit, after four splits the difference is really pennies when it comes to saving money, Acklam said.

You can book your tickets online and collect them from one of 15,000 stations around the UK.

This means that you could book a ticket on your phone and collect just 30 seconds later.

The other two fare splitting websites you need to try

These website is managed and operated by self-confessed rail travel enthusiasts. It works with Raileasy find the best tickets to save time and as much money as possible.

The website is free to use but if you do find a cheap ticket it will add 10 per cent of the saving on to the cost of your ticket. Non-split tickets can be booked without a charge.

MoneySavingExpert.coms TickeySplit

From the money saving giants, this tool will only split your journey once and you only get five searches per day.

It uses data from, so youll need book through them when it comes to buying a ticket.

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