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I’m a packing expert and thousands love my advice – here is how I keep luggage under 7kg

A PACKING expert has revealed how to pack enough luggage that is still under 7kg.

Going by the name One Bag Travels on Youtube, he revealed how to pack enough for a week.

A YouTuber has revealed how to pack a bag that weighs less than 7kg
He explained the kinds of clothes to wear to keep luggage costs down

And with some budget airlines such as Ryanair and easyJet having very restrictive hand luggage rules, he said his tricks mean you never have to pay again.

He explained: “Most international and budget airlines use for a carry on will allow until they charge baggage fees”.

In his backpack he revealed all the clothes he took, including six tops as well as a puffer jacket, along with his travel adaptors and headphones.

One thing to avoid? Cotton clothes.

He said: “Stick to synthetics and avoid cotton. They are lightweight strong and more versatile.”

And if you want those jeans, make sure you wear them on the plane as they can be the heaviest clothing.

Things he swore by were “merino wool” as they are both warm and lightweight.

Also going into the bag were his toiletries, with his soap and shampoo being solid bars to avoid breaking the 100ml liquid rule.

He said: “A good rule of thumb is to pack enough toiletries for a week, then plan on refilling on the go, especially for ‘easy to get’ items liek soap, shampoo and deodorant.”

Adding in a day bag, as well as shoes, water bottle, and torch, the whole bag weighed just 5.3kg – way under the limit of 7kg.

Thousands have watched his videos and praised his tips.

One person said: “I have watched A LOT of minimalist packing videos and this one has got to be one of the best. Great video, thank you!”

Another said: “This video is absolute gold. Was searching for exactly this info.”

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And this £10 travel bag has been praised by thousands as a “life-saver” for holidays.

Thousands of people loved his tricks

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