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Passenger takes very strange companion on her holiday – and people can’t believe their eyes

A TRAVELLER has divided opinion after taking a very strange companion with her on a recent holiday.

Taking pets on trips is becoming increasingly popular, with dogs and cats most commonly accompanying their owners on breaks away.

Haley took her pet betta fish Pluto on holiday with her to Florida

However, few people would ever consider taking a fish away with them, especially if it meant taking them on a plane.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what traveller Haley Koehn did on a recent trip to Florida.

In a video shared to her Tiktok account (@haleykoehn9), Haley revealed how she got her small yellow betta fish Pluto through airport security and onto her flight.

She explained how she managed to take the creature on board the plane, with relatively little fuss.

Haley strapped the fish into its seat to make sure it flew safely

In the comments, she was asked if she had to inform the airline before flying with her pet.

She replied: “No just went there, they tested his water then let us through.”

The American Transport Security Administration (TSA) rules state that as long as the fish is kept in a clear, spill-proof glass or plastic container, it should be okay to fly.

Haley is not the only person to have flown with a fish recently, with one person commenting: “My betta flew back and forth to college with me.”

Some people raised concerns about the animal’s welfare saying it needed a heated tank

Another added: “I took my fish baby with me from JFK.

“Some fish Youtubers confirmed that Delta allows fish on flights, but since it doesn’t happen often, some flight crew may not be in the know.”

However, others were less pleased with Haley’s decision to take her fish on board the flight.

One wrote: “They let a fish on a plane with that amount of water but took my toddler’s milk…”

Another said: “So I can bring a bottle of water if I put a fish in it?”

A third was concerned for the welfare of the animal, adding: “Betta fish need heated tanks!”

Recently, passengers were warned to check their luggage before returning from tropical countries to make sure they didn’t accidentally bring exotic animals home.

These are the rules for taking pets on holiday with you.

Haley was able to get the fish on board her flight without any trouble

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