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Piercings; Yes Or No?


Piercings are perceived by some people as a form of bodily artwork or decoration.

Some others see it as people getting too overboard with jewelry.

Whatever ideas you have about it, it’s important to have basic knowledge about it at your fingertips.

Piercings can be done on any part of the body; the majorly known areas being the ears and the nose.

Some of us have never felt what it was like to be pierced, especially the ladies. Probably, you just grew up as a lady finding out that you have two holes on your earlobes through which you pass and clip your earrings.

Whether as a lady or a man, if you feel you have no need for piercings that’s perfectly okay. But if you ever change your mind, the following are to be taken into strict consideration.

1. Pain:

Piercings are not without pain especially depending on the area of the body it is being done. The question is whether you have the ability to endure it. If you’re not someone that likes pain, then piercings are not something you may consider doing.

If you feel it’s not so much of a big deal, then it’s up to you.

2. Risks:

When it comes to the human body and the processes it undergoes, there are always risks involved. For piercings, you need to consider the risks to know whether it is worth giving a try. The risks involved is the likelihood of pain, not the complications that could result, the level of hygiene practiced, how safe it may be for you, how reactive your skin type may be to such, how well the aftercare is carried out, etc.

3. Healing duration:

The likelihood of the piercing not healing up can be high or complicated depending on the methods through which it was carried out, the level of expertise carried out, the part of the body it was performed and whether the person who is undergoing it has allergies.

When not managed properly, infections could result; therefore, precautions have to be taken carefully.


Piercings are of different types and varieties.

1. Ear piercings:

This is one of the most common. The healing time frames and thresholds are dependent on whether the piercing is done on the ear flesh or cartilage. The flesh (ear lobe), has very minimal discomfort and takes about 4-6 weeks to heal. Then for the cartilage, it takes about 4-12 months for it to heal completely and they are more prone to infection because cartilage does not have enough blood supply to help fight germs.

2. Oral piercings:

These are piercings that are done on any part of the mouth, it could be the lips, the tongue, the indentation between your nose and upper lip, the beauty mark from the upper lip into the mouth, the center of your lower lip into your mouth, etc. They have an increased risk of infection.

Such piercings can be pretty uncomfortable especially when you want to pass food into your mouth to eat.

A saline spray is recommended for the outsides of the piercing especially after eating, drinking, or smoking.

Oral piercings heal in a matter of weeks and the healing duration shortens if you’re not a smoker.

3. Nose piercings:

This piercing is done on any part of the nose which mostly includes the nostril (which is most common), the septum (the dividing wall between the nostrils), and the nasal bridge. Piercings on the nasal bridge are the riskiest of nasal piercings because a little error from the piercer can cause complications.

Nasal piercings heal within 1-3 months depending on the individual and it is used by ladies in different cultures to signify different things. It could be an advancement in social status, or the readiness to get married.

4. Genital piercings:

Some people may want to up their game in this body art that they then decide to do something “down there”. Some may want to use it to spice up their sex lifestyle.

In males, they may want to do the Ampallang, Dydoe, Foreskin, Frenum, Hafada, or Lorum piercings.

For the females, they may want, Christina

Clitoral hood, Clitoris

Fourchette, Isabella, Labia, Nefertiti, Princess Albertina, or Triangle piercings.

As people would always say, “variety is the spice of life.” But please dear ladies and gentlemen, before going for genital piercings, remember that your “joystick” or “coochie” isn’t something that should be exposed to unnecessary harm. Remember the three main points that should be taken into consideration as explained earlier in this article before making up your mind.

5. Other parts:

Apart from the aforementioned varieties of piercings, others include, naval piercing, eyebrow piercing, hip piercing, nipple piercing, collarbone piercing, etc

All these being said, you can pick the one that best suits you.

Good luck with your body art exploration!

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