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Passenger with ‘most reclined seat in history’ on five hour flight divides opinion as he is leaves just INCHES of room

A PASSENGER with the most reclined seat in history has divided opinions after he left the traveller behind him with just inches of room.

TikTokers The Pointer Brothers shared a clip of a passenger silently raging after being left near to no leg room on his five-hour flight.

Tiktokers have hilariously dubbed this the most reclined seat in aviation history
A passenger was so irate he held a red card up in a tongue-and-cheek move

The ticket holder lifted a red card in protest in a hilarious tongue-in-cheek move caught on camera.

The brothers, known as Henry and Mike, captioned the video easiest red card of all time.

They wrote: Five-hour flight time Is this the most reclined seat in the history of aviation?

The clip has received a whopping 4.3million views and continues to go viral.

But the clip has divided users who argue the passenger was in their rights to recline their sear.

Always recline and always will, nothing you can do, one person quipped.

I recline my seat every single time and never once have I been upset with the seat in front of me for reclining their seat wrote another.

A third said: I paid for a reclining seat. They are already uncomfortable as it is. If it takes up your space then recline your seat. Simple fix.

Others were more courteous with one person saying they never recline their chair out of respect for the person behind me.

A second agreed, saying: Those seats should just not recline, its cramped enough and I already dont have legroom.

Another posted: I convince myself that every person that reclines, its their first flight and they dont understand how AWFUL it is for the person behind them.

While a fourth wrote: I sit with my knees up so my kneecaps are firmly pressed into the back, they can feel it through the chair and soon move.

The clip divided opinions with some users saying the man was in his rights to recline his chair

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1 Comment

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