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I’m a quadruple amputee mum and I have to use my neighbour’s toilet as the council haven’t fixed my mouldy bathroom

A MUM who is a quadruple amputee is having to use a neighbour’s toilet as the council haven’t finished fixing her mouldy bathroom.

Danielle Bailey, 24, is currently living in the damp and unhealthy conditions with her one-year-old son.

Danielle said the conditions were so bad mushrooms started to grow in her bathroom
The mum-of-one currently doesn’t have a functioning bathroom
Danielle had to have all four limbs amputated after contracting meningitis at the age of four

Living with mould since the start of the year, the mum-of-one claims conditions got so bad mushrooms started to grow around her toilet and her walk-in shower.

Danielle, who is from West Yorkshire, said she informed the local council as soon as the issue escalated – but claims they’ve only just sent someone out to sort it.

And what she says was supposed to only take a couple of days, has ended up still not being finished after two weeks and left her having to use a neighbour’s facilities.

But if they’re not in she has to travel to a relative – who she says is a 30-minute journey away.

Concerned about the obvious health hazards, the young mum said her child has been exposed to the “dangerous” environment since he was eight months old.

She told the Mirror: “The mould in my house has become so bad, it’s a health hazard – especially for my son.”

Danielle had to have all four limbs amputated after contracting meningitis at the age of four.

Despite daily battles, she was able to move into her council flat three years ago and gave birth in April last year.

However, unable to currently use her walk-in shower and wash herself, she has become heavily reliant on family.

She claims getting Leeds City Council to acknowledge her requests “was a nightmare” and says “they were so slow to respond”.

Adding, the workmen don’t “really seem like they know what they’re doing” – which is delaying progress.

“It just got worse and worse and by the end, small mushrooms started to grow around the bathroom,” she added.

“The smell was overbearing.”

The bathroom isn’t the only room affected by the mould invasion as her son’s bedroom walls are also covered in the black specks.

But claiming the council are “incapable of doing two things at once” it’s being left while the bathroom is sorted.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said: “We are aware of some outstanding repairs at the property following a leak which has now been fixed.

“We are treating these as a priority and we have scheduled them in with the tenant for completion.

“The council’s housing teams are committed to doing the best possible job on behalf of all tenants across the city, and we always endeavour to address any issues that people might be having with their properties as quickly as we can.”

It comes after a two-year-old boy died due to the conditions in his home.

Awaab Ishak passed away in December 2020 after damp and mould severely affected his health.

The mouldy conditions in her son’s bedroom
The mould is spreading throughout her home

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