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Quick AdSense Free AdSense WordPress Plugin

Google AdSense is one of the best free, simple ways to earn money from your site by displaying targeted ads next to your online content. A lot of WordPress bloggers use AdSense as their first income source. There are some factors contribute in increasing profits from Google AdSense such as using High CPC AdSense Keywords, Ads places in your content, etc…

Using High CPC AdSense Keywords

Using High CPC AdSense Keywords is controlled by your site niche, as AdSense displays targeted ads which target’s what your visitor is looking for and your content. So you can control this point by targeting High CPC AdSense Keywords in your site content and by choosing the right niche for your site or blog.

Choosing the right place for ads

This is One of the most effective ways to increase your profits from Google AdSense, as it will increase the probability of clicking your AdSense ads which will increase the profits as well.

The most profitable place is inside your post body, because this area which the visitor is interested in most. Also the visitor may think that the ad is part of the post content.

Inserting AdSense ads inside your posts requires a little coding knowledge, to copy the ad code and insert it inside your theme files. But even if you can handle with that what you will do if you wanted to change your WordPress Theme ?! So you need a WordPress Plugin to handle this stuff for you?! and that’s what Quick AdSense plugin does.

Check out: WP QUADS Quick AdSense reloaded the new forked version of Quick AdSense with new features and enhanced performance.

Quick AdSense WordPress Plugin

Quick Adsense Free WordPress Plugin

Introduction to Quick AdSense WordPress Plugin:

Quick AdSense is one of the best Ads management WordPress plugins It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a WordPress blog post, page, widgets. It also can place the Ads randomly anywhere within a post or a page. You can set up all its useful features from it’s simple setting page in your admin panel, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customize-able options.

Quick AdSense Plugin Features:

Quick AdSense has a lot of useful features; Here are some features that come with Quick AdSense:

  1. The plugin is completely free, and no hidden charges or fees.
  2. There is NO revenue reward or revenue sharing for the plugin authors from your AdSense or that kind of features, which found in other similar plugins.
  3. The plugin supports any ads code not ONLY AdSense codes, so you can use plugin for other advertising networks or even promote your own products.
  4. Simple configuration interface, requires no coding knowledge: Just copy and paste Google AdSense code or other advertisement code, tick & select options, the plugin will then do the rest for you. You can set up all the features from it’s simple setting page in your WordPress admin panel.
  5. The plugin comes with default Ads positions: insert Ads to the beginning of your blog post, assign Ads to the middle of your blog post, assign Ads to the end of your post, assign Ads before last paragraph, assign Ads after ‘ read more’ tag, insert Ads after certain paragraphs (3 options available for this feature) & assign Ads after certain images.
  6. Flexible Ads placement, insert Ads in a specifically or randomly anywhere within  your blog post or page.
  7. Display up to a maximum of 10 Ads on a page. *Note Adsense allows publishers to place (Up to three AdSense for content units, Up to three link units, Up to two search boxes) on the same page.
  8. If you are using other Ads like , you may display up to 10 Ads.
  9. Support up to a maximum of 10 Ads codes on Sidebar Widgets.
  10. Support up to a maximum of 10 Ads codes for specific placement & randomization within a post.
  11. Insert Ads on-the-fly, simply insert ,… , to a post to accomplish this.
    Disable Ads on-the-fly, simply insert , … and more to a post to accomplish this.
  12. The above Tags can be inserted into a post easily via the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel.


Download and Install Quick AdSense WordPress Plugin

There are 3 ways to install Quick AdSense Plugin on your blog;

Downloading and uploading plugin manually

  1. Download Quick AdSense Plugin directly from here.
  2. Unzip the downloaded archive file and upload the folder “quick-adsense” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory using FTP or Online File Manager.
  3. Go to the plugin menu in WordPress and activate the plugin.

Downloading and uploading plugin from Admin Panel

  1. Download Quick AdSense Plugin directly from here.
  2. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.
  3. Select the downloaded plugin zip file, and click Install Now.
  4. Then Click “Activate Plugin”.

Installing Quick AdSense plugin from Admin Panel Automatically

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add New.
  2. In the search area type “Quick AdSense”, and press ENTER.
  3. In search results you will find a plugin called “Quick AdSense”, press “Install Now”.
  4. Then Click “Activate Plugin”.
  5. Now enjoy Quick AdSense, and start configuring your Ads display in Quick AdSense Plugin.

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