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Bizarre reason abandoned Costa del Sol theme park is left frozen in time with NO guests – but staff still turn up

TIVOLI World was once considered one of the best theme parks to visit along Spain’s Costa Del Sol.

But since it was forced to close in 2020, it has been left frozen in time with zero guests.

The popular Spanish theme park was forced to close down in 2020
However, the abandoned site remains perfectly in tact

The park, which opened in 1976, was boarded up after more than 45 years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It briefly reopened for two months, but closed again last year when its owners filed for bankruptcy.

But thanks to a bizarre contractual loophole, all those who were staffed at the park remained in the job.  

And to make matters stranger, they were not allowed to seek employment elsewhere.

As result, staff decided to keep turning every day – ensuring that the much beloved park didn’t fall in disarray.

And to this day the abandoned theme park remains in stunning condition, despite its owners being chased for around £3.5 million.

According to local media, the “phantom staff” went under the radar until three locals attempted to break in and steal equipment from the disused site.

In reaction, Presindet of the Salvemos Tivoli group, Juan Ramon Delgado, said: “The attractions are still there, many metres of electric cable, as well as machinery in the bars and ice cream parlours.

“Above all, they are looking for aluminium and copper.

“We haven’t been paid for 10 months, but we can’t work on anything else either because we’re discharged.

“The situation is unsustainable.”

The Daily Star report that up to 87 members of staff are still attending the site on a daily basis, hoping it will one day re-open.

They also contacted courts in a bid to sort their contract status out with their employer. .

Delgado, who goes to the site every week, said: “Despite the fact that we have no income, we do what we can to the best of our ability.”

Wieighing in on the issue, local parliamentarian Guzman Ahumada told local media that “excuses are running out” for the owners to not re-open the site, given that “clearly” able to make money.

He said: “The argument that it was not economically viable has been dismantled.”

And in March this year, the Benalmadena Town Council said: “The strategy and position of this government team are aligned with that of the unions and company committee, all working together to achieve the reopening of the park.

“We are going to continue to protect Tivoli because we believe that it is vital for tourism and the economy of the Costa del Sol, and there is no other way to do it than to reopen the park.”

In the meantime, the interior of the site remains in perfect conditions and in working order.

Most of the rides are also through to be fully operational.

Last year, we revealed the state of abandoned UK theme park with deserted dodgems, broken rides and graffitied attractions.

And in April, eerie images showed the remains of Cementland theme park – that met a tragic end.

The iconic coulourful entrance sign is being maintained by staff stuck in a contract dispute
The park’s ferris wheel hasn’t had anyone ride it in more than two years
The water features are still in pristine condition

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