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Four easy radiator tricks to save money on energy bills this winter

WITH energy prices soaring, you might be holding out for as long as possible this autumn before turning the heating on.

The Government’s Energy Price Guarantee means a household with average usage will pay £2,500 a year.

‘Stat’s the way to do it… keep energy costs under control

But if you’re a big family or use more than average, the bill will be higher.

And the guarantee now only lasts until April, not the previously promised two years.

With millions facing gas and electricity costs of up to £5,000 a year, British Gas engineer Sunny Solanky has shared his expert radiator tips to help you keep the bills as low as possible.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: By fitting thermostatic valves, you can control the temperature or turn off the heating in each room individually.

Valves cost as little as £4, but could slash £75 a year off your bills.

TINFOIL TRICK: Sticking foil panels to the wall behind your radiator will save you around £25 a year on your bills, says Sunny.

It stops all the heat being absorbed by the wall and instead reflects warmth back into the room.

CHECK FOR COLD SPOTS: Feel radiators to see whether there are any cold spots, which suggest that it needs bleeding, he says.

These air pockets stop the heated water from circulating properly. To let out trapped air, first switch heating off.

You’ll need a radiator key, available at DIY shops for around £1, to attach to the valve at the top of the radiator.

Turn the key slowly anti-clockwise and hold a cloth underneath to catch any water.

Listen for the hissing noise of air escaping. Once this stops, close the valve tightly.

MIND THE GAP: Furniture that’s too close to your radiators will block hot air from circulating around the room.

If you can, try to leave a gap of around three feet.

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