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We’re too scared to let our kids play outside our house after builders left estate covered in rubbish & scrap metal

RAGING locals have revealed they’re too scared to let their kids play outside on their newbuild estate after builders left it covered in rubbish.

Locals were promised a snazzy cricket pavilion yards away from their posh new homes in Stannington, Northumberland.

Jamie Hall blasted the estate as a ‘shambles’
Locals were left with a wasteland instead of a posh cricket pavilion
Locals say the expanse is littered with potholes

But they were stuck with a wasteland field filled with dangerous mounds of rubbish after builders left the site unfinished.

Locals say the expanse is littered with holes, which left one mum injured as she played on the grass with her son.

Some homeowners have told how they paid extra to live next to the pavilion on the Bellway newbuild estate – where houses sell for an average of £227,000.

Jamie Hall, 38, was one of the first to move into the estate four years ago.

The BT worker – who has two kids, aged eight and seven – said: “The work just hasn’t been finished.

“The road is still the same, and it has not been completed.

“I’ve had an issue with my driveway as well, there’s a dent at the bottom.

“It’s a shambles. I’ve asked them a million times to sort it.

“My kids don’t go into the land at the back on their own and if they do we go as a family.

“My son did hurt his knee once where he fell over a piece of metal.

“There was a manhole and it collapsed under my partner and it hurt her foot.

“She complained about it and they’ve fixed it but it wasn’t good.”

Jamie added: “There’s a lot of things that Bellway haven’t done.

“They’ve now passed it onto Kingston who are a different company.

“It’s just false promises that have affected us for a long time now.”

Fire control officer Andrew Hodson also moved into his house when it was newly built.


The 47-year-old said: “There’s been a lot of broken promises.

“We were told there would be a fountain at the back but there isn’t one.

“The roads haven’t been done and I’ve been here four years.

“There’s supposed to be the big playing field but its just lots of rubble.

“They haven’t done the things they said they would which is frustrating.”

Andrew’s two kids were 11 when they moved in but they had nowhere to play.

He added: “They didn’t go anywhere because there was nowhere for them to go.

“We were told the field would be done pretty quick but now it’s a dumping ground for rubbish four years later.

“Lots of people chase Bellway on this estate but we don’t get any feedback from them.

“I haven’t considered moving as we’re still holding out for them to do the work.”

Linda Blanchfower, 62, actively avoids walking her dogs on the disused land at the back.

She said: “A lot of the maintenance issues haven’t been finished and that is the main problem.

“Dog walkers and families use the land at the back but we avoid going there because it’s full of rubbish.

“Bellway haven’t carried out all of the promises that they made and that’s the frustration.

“I probably wouldn’t use the cricket pavilion if it was built but it’s just been left.

“It’s such a shame because it is a really nice community around here.”

Another resident – who asked not to be named – refuses to let her grandchildren play outside.

She said: “We have basically been told lots of lies.

“We had to pay more for our house because of the close proximity to where the cricket pavilion was going to be.

“But all they’ve done is dump their waste.

“We were told of all these plans of beautiful land but it’s just a dumping ground.

“I’ve rang Bellway a hundred times but they just say that we don’t have any proof of these plans.

“We were sold the dream but they lied and lied.

“There are a few kids around here but they can’t play.

“We thought our two grandchildren would play but there are potholes and a manhole cover which is half open.

“I wouldn’t let my grandchildren anywhere near because it’s dangerous.

“It’s about how much money they can make and how quickly.”

A Bellway spokesperson said: “Bellway is working to address the matters raised at St Mary’s, Stannington.

“In respect of the finishing of the roads and footpaths on the development, works are due to commence this week.

“We have submitted planning proposals to the local authority for our plans for the playing fields and pavilion and await their decision.

“In respect of the alleged waste materials on site, our technical team has recently visited the site and are currently looking at options to address this and allay the concerns of residents.”

Locals say the area is a wasteland field
Locals – including Gavin Hall – have blasted the estate
Residents have found discarded metal on the field

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