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I’m a shopper – I did my weekly shop at Costco and Asda to see which was cheaper

SHOPPERS are getting ready to splash the cash and Christmas creeps closer.

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to look for the cheapest bargains.

Is Costco or Asda cheaper for your weekly shop?

Inflation hit 10.1% last month due to rising food and energy prices.

The rate went up in September from 9.9% in August and is now back to a 40-year high.

That means shoppers are extra keen to find the best deals.

One savvy shopper went out and did her weekly shop in both Asda and Costco to compare prices.

Writing for the Manchester Evening News, the shopper compared the same products at both stores.

Many items including burgers, cheese, butter and bread turned out a lot cheaper at Costco.

For example, a 12 pack of 6oz Aberdeen Angus burgers were £12.99 at Costs, while two £3.90 from Asda’s Extra Special range – meaning 12 from Asda would be almost double the price at £23.40.

They also found that the cheese was cheaper too. For example, £5.65 for a 1.251kg block from Costco where as a similar cheese at Asda for the same size was £9.11.

She noted a 1kg tub of Flora Buttery cost £2.49 at Costco but cost £3.60 at Asda.

She also said bread at Costco was “the cheapest I’ve seen in a long time” – with a loaf of white Hovis costing just 95p. That’s compared to Asda’s £1.20 price.

However, out of 21 products she bought from both stores, six were cheaper at Asda.

The other products that turned out cheaper at Asda were mince, soup, cottage pies, blueberry muffins and vegetables.

The overall cost of 21 items each came to £130.94 at Costco and £153.21 at Asda – a difference of £22.27.

However, she mentions you’ll need to factor in a membership fee for Costco at £33.60 a year – which costs less than £3 a month.

It’s also worth pointing out, that prices at supermarkets change frequently – often daily – so it’s important to compare before you shop.

Also, this comparison tried to compare like for like, but the supermarkets may argue that the items have varying quality.

You’d also need a big freezer to store some of these items as it’s unlikely that you’d be able to use them up before they go out of date.

How to save on your supermarket shop

Firstly, remember to compare prices. Use websites like to find the cheapest place to shop based on what you want to buy.

If you have space then it might be worth bulk buying items that don’t go out of date, such as loo roll and washing up liquid.

In other Christmas news, we explain when you need to buy a delivery pass to get early access to Christmas slots.

Plus, check the exact dates Christmas delivery slots are released.

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