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SiteGround Review 2022: 6 Pros 👍 & 2 Cons 👎 of SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most famous Web Hosting Companies; when it comes to WordPress Hosting, SiteGround is a top-rated hosting company.

I decided to write this SiteGround Review after receiving many emails from readers of WP Made Easy. In this review, I will talk about the Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting, and is it truly “The Best WordPress Hosting”?

[Update] SiteGround is now officially recommended by as a WordPress Hosting service provider. Recently I received this email from SiteGround:

We are very happy and honored to share with you that SiteGround is now listed as a recommended WordPress‬ host on hosting page. For us this high evaluation is acknowledgement of our years of hard work and our expertise in providing quality WordPress hosting.

SiteGround as WordPress hosting

SiteGround is one of our Recommended WordPress Hosting providers List, and to be honest, it truly deserves to be #1 in the list, as they have proven that they are one of the best companies in the industry by offering one of the fastest, most secure, and high-quality WordPress Hosting services and it is one of the few companies that offer PHP 7 WordPress Hosting.

SiteGround Hosting Pros

#1 Location Specific Hosting

SiteGround manages more than 1,000 servers, and it is one of the few hosting companies that offer location specific hosting, with 4 DataCenters across 3 continents

  • 1 in North America (USA, Chicago): Best choice for visitors from (North America, South America, and Africa).
  • 2 in Europe (London & Amsterdam): Best for visitors from (Russia and Europe).
  • 1 in Asia-Pacific region (Singapore): Best for visitors from (Asia, Australia, and South Pacific).

NOTE: Choose the closest location to your site’s visitors in order to increase your site loading speed (good for SEO & user experience).

#2 Optimized for WordPress

SiteGround’s Hosting infrastructure is one of the most optimized hosting environments for WordPress, they actually know what WordPress needs to work best. They offer a built-in WordPress caching solution called (SuperCacher) which is a Dynamic caching system based on Nginx.

#3 Fast with Free CDN

SiteGround offers one of the fastest hosting services across the industry thanks to their global Data Centers (Read #1 in this SiteGround Review), and their Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN) which comes for Free with all of their hosting packages.

#4 Premium Support

When it comes to Hosting support, SiteGround’s hosting support is one of the best in the industry, you can reach their knowledgeable support team via online chat, phone, or tickets. And as I always do, I like to test every company’s support team as I did with HostGator. below is a chat between me “Ahmed” (a non-US resident) whose English is not good, and their representative “Stanislav G.” at 8:03 PM GMT

The question was: “How can I pay for the hosting?

After entering my name, my email, and starting the conversation, I saw this message:

Currently there are 16 chat before yours. Your chat will be redirected automatically when one of our operators is ready to assist you.

Then I needed to wait for less than a minute before getting my conversation started.

Stanislav G.: Hello Ahmed

Ahmed: Hi, Stanislav

Ahmed: I’m from Egypt

Ahmed: and I don’t own a credit card, also my country doesn’t support PayPal

Ahmed: so could you please tell me how can I pay you?

Ahmed: and please excuse my English

Ahmed: it’s not my 1st language

Stanislav G.: Your English is great actually

Stanislav G.: as for the payment methods we accept, they are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal indeed

Ahmed: thanks

Stanislav G.: if you by any chance have a debit Visa or Master Card authorized for online payments, it could work as well

Ahmed: ok

Ahmed: can I pay you via check ?

Stanislav G.: I am afraid that you can’t

Ahmed: ok

Ahmed: is there any other way that I can pay you through?

Stanislav G.: Do you have a friend’s credit card or PayPal account by any chance?

Ahmed: no

Ahmed: but I can pay you via WesternUnion

Ahmed: or via ckeck

Ahmed: or even mail

Stanislav G.: We do accept bank transfers for payments for at least $500

Ahmed: I only need a small hosting plan

Ahmed: can I pay you the $500, and you add the rest to my account?

Stanislav G.: Which is the package you are interested in?

Ahmed: StartUP

Ahmed: ??

Stanislav G.: Give me a moment

Ahmed: ok

Stanislav G.: Okay, what you can do is to get a StartUp account for 3 years for the amount of $250,2 and once done and the account is created, we will add the rest from what you paid to your wallet here, so you can use them for further renewals, extra services and so on

Ahmed: 3 years!

Ahmed: I want to get 1 or at most 2 years, not three

Ahmed: as I’m planning to upgrade to a new hosting plan

Ahmed: in the future

Stanislav G.: Okay, I can arrange that as a personal exception for you

Ahmed: thanks Stanislav

Stanislav G.: If you agree, I can provide you with our bank details

Stanislav G.: so you can proceed with the payment and get back to us once done

Ahmed: can you please explain more about the importance of your widespread datacenters?

Ahmed: as I couldn’t understand the importance of that point.

Stanislav G.: Do you mean the CloudFlare CDN services we offer?

Ahmed: no

Ahmed: you have 4 datacenters in different places

Ahmed: what is the importance of this?

Stanislav G.: Well, the main importance of this is that we have different options for all our different clients and their target groups

Stanislav G.: as we have clients from all over the world – Europe, America, Asia, Australia and so on

Ahmed: excuse me, but how would this help them?

Stanislav G.: The closer the website is to the visitors, the faster it gets delivered to them

Ahmed: ok

Ahmed: and what is the difference between it and CDN?

Stanislav G.: a huge one actually as the data center is where the website content is physically hosted, while the CDN is an option, thanks to which you can have the content of the site spread and copied over a web of 70+ remote server all over the world

Ahmed: ok

Ahmed: and the CDN is free, or an option?

Stanislav G.: Its free with all our packages

Ahmed: will I have a custom subdomain like:

Ahmed: or what?

Stanislav G.: No, there is only a CNAME record required, which is automatically set, nothing to worry about

Ahmed: ok

Ahmed: thanks Stanislav.

I need you to know that the conversation lasted for 47:38 Minutes, and as you see above I asked him about many technical stuff while he is a Senior Sales Representative, but he answered all my questions.

#5 Hosting Security and Uptime

Another thing that makes SiteGround the best WordPress Hosting company is their great security features like Account Isolation which makes sure your site will be safe even other accounts on the same server are vulnerable this feature is very good for Shared Hosting.

Also, their hosting uptime is excellent, with their (99.999% Monthly Uptime & 99.996% Yearly Uptime) you don’t want to worry about your site being down. Also, they put an uptime monitor on their site so you can monitor their servers’ uptime.

#6 1-Click WordPress Install & Automatic Updates

SiteGround offers a 1-click WordPress Installing feature, so you can install WordPress in less than 5 minutes with a couple of clicks.

They also offer auto-updates so your version of WordPress will always be up-to-date.

SiteGround Hosting Cons

#1 High Prices

In Shared Hosting; SiteGround offers 3 hosting plans.

Their hosting is a little bit pricey in comparison to the industry, especially their StartUp plan. But you need to consider the good service you’ll get (read SiteGround Review: SiteGround Hosting Pros above).

#2 Plan Limitations

Another thing to be added to SiteGround Cons is their plan limitations. They limit disk space across all their shared hosting plans. This point may not be a big problem for many WordPress bloggers who don’t need to upload many files (images, videos, PDFs etc) to their hosting space. Although it may be a problem for those who upload a lot of images and other files to their hosting space.

They also limit the CPU usage to a daily and monthly limit. However, only some users with resource-hungry websites will exceed the limit and they can contact SiteGround to increase the limit or they can upgrade to a higher plan.

SiteGround Review Conclusion

After our long SiteGround Review, I could say that; SiteGround is a great choice for WordPress especially for globally focused websites. Their support is knowledgeable and responds immediately.

They offer one of the best hosting services in the industry by offering a fast, and secure WordPress Hosting Service. The only problem is that their SiteGround hosting is a bit pricey and limits your hosting space.

If 10 GB of disc space is good for you, and you can handle their bit pricey hosting; Then I recommend you buy the StartUp plan now and don’t forget to get their offer for WordPress users on all hosting services.

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