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My son was looking forward to a Christmas present this year but he knows he’s not getting any – we just can’t afford it

A STRUGGLING mum has told how her son will have to go without Christmas presents this year because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Christine Borton says young Dayjanta, ten, “already knew” they wouldn’t be able to afford gifts this festive season because of the family’s “desperate” financial situation.

Christine Borton says Arsenal mad Dayjanta won’t be getting any Christmas presents
She is struggling because of the cost of living crisis

The mum from Tipton, Birmingham, lost her job as a support worker last year, making Christmas especially difficult.

But in the lead up to December 25th they were inundated with presents after sharing their heartbreaking story.

She told Birmingham Live: “It’s very difficult at the minute. I’m in pretty much the same situation I was in last year.

“I am very worried about the next few months. Dayjanta looks at the electric meter and keeps telling me how much we’ve used – he’s obsessed about our finances all the time.”

Christine, who relies on her local foodbank, had thought this year would be different – but with the soaring cost of electricity, food and gas they are back in the “same situation”.

She says Dayjanta is constantly “stressed” about money and never asks for anything.

She explained: “He’s been looking forward to a Christmas present this year but he realises now it won’t happen.

“I explained this to him recently but he’s used to it by now – it wasn’t a surprise.

“I really appreciate all that happened for us last year, it gave us a break.

“But we’re in the same situation again, and with everything going up even more, it’s like the icing on the cake.”

Last Christmas kind strangers sent Dayjanta some Arsenal pyjamas and duvet cover – which helped him forget “everything bad that had been happening.”

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