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TalkTalk CUTS broadband prices for new and existing customers – but there’s a catch

TALKTALK is cutting the price of its broadband packages for new and existing customers but only for those wholock into a two-year deal.

The cost of the broadband deals will stay the same, or could become more expensive, for those who take out a contract for a term that isless than 24 months.

TalkTalk sign
TalkTalk says it is bucking the trend of hiking prices by offering customers the chance to lock into a fixed price for 12, 18 and 24 months

Locking into thetwo-year deal could benefit customers, given the recent spate of broadband providers hiking up their prices.

Last monthBT announcedthat its basic broadband costs would be going up by 2 a month,while those with top-of-the range Infinity broadband will pay an extra 2.50 a month.

The price increases will come into effect in April.

And last week, Sky announced that from March, itsline rental would be increasing from 17.40 to 18.99 per month adding 19 a year to bills.

TalkTalkclaims it is bucking the trend of hiking prices by offering customers the chance to lock into a fixed price for12, 18 and 24 months.

But only those locking in for 24 months will see their monthly bills fall.

The 24-month contract will cost 20 a month, down from 22.95, for fast broadband, while faster fibre broadband will cost 27 a month, down from 28.50.

Faster fibre large broadband will cost 32 a month, reduced from 37 a month.

The deals are available to new and existing customers. Existing customers can move to the new plans without penalty, even if theyre mid-contract.

Customers have until March 16th to take up the new deals.

Should I fix, or can better deals be found elsewhere?

First of all, if youre with a broadband provider that has hiked its prices mid-contract, you can leave penalty-free under new rules introduced by the regulator Ofcom.

That means, if you want to switch to a cheaper deal with a different provider, you can do so without having to pay a fee.

Ewan Taylor-Gibson, broadband expert at price comparison site, said that on the surface, TalkTalk reducing its fibre and broadband packages for existing and new customers signing up for two years is a solid deal.

He said:Pledging not to raise prices for the duration of the contract is a headline-grabbing move especially as broadband price hikes are rarely out of the news at the moment.

TalkTalks two-year deal means customers will be protected from any price hikes during that term

However,Taylor-Gibson said that there are generally better deals out there if customers switch every 12 months and some providers may incentivise switching with vouchers and cashback.

Its worth reminding those facing price rises that they can use their get out of jail free card by being able to leave their provider within 30 days of being notified about the charges, even if they are still in their initial contract period.

According to, based onTalkTalks price alone, there are better deals to be found elsewhere.

For example, you can get standard broadband (up to 17Mb) with Plusnet for 15.55 a month (compared to TalkTalks 20 a month) over18 months, plus 50 cashback, or Plusnets fibre broadband(up to 38Mb) for 23.06 a month (compared with TalkTalks 27 a month) over 18 months, plus 50 cashback.

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