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Tell Me What Sign You Are And I Will Tell You What Foot You Have

Tell Me What Sign You Are And I Will Tell You What Foot You Have

We all have our pluses and minuses. What we are good at and what we are not so good at. Many times, it is very difficult for us to recognize what it is that we are bad at, which is the foot on which we limp. But it is easy to tell through the zodiac sign because most people born under the same sign have the same flaws. Do you dare to find out what your defect is? Do you want to know which foot you limp on? Read on to find out…


Aries, Aries… Everyone who lives with you knows from minute 1 that what you like most is giving orders, that is, telling everyone what they have to do. It’s that you like it so much that sometimes you take it so much to the extreme that it becomes annoying to the people around you. You are very authoritarian, more than you yourself recognize. Although well, this is not something you do with the intention of harming… In addition to being authoritarian, you can also become very stubborn and quite persistent. As you propose something, you don’t stop until you don’t get it. And you don’t care who you have to take ahead to get it. As your authority is combined with your stubbornness… We are going badly. You don’t stop until you get your way, you don’t stop until you see how others do what you have ordered. Be careful, you have a good heart and despite your flaws,


Look, Taurus, even if you try to get rid of that fame, everyone knows that you are the most stubborn sign in the entire Zodiac. And that’s your worst flaw, that’s the foot you limp on. When you think you are right, you go to infinity and beyond with it. Nothing and no one will be able to make you change your mind. You are capable of facing anyone in order to defend your ideas and your reasons. Being so persistent can bring you many advantages, but also, believe it or not, many disappointments. It is clear that you are going to achieve absolutely everything you set out to do, but you can also end up in arguments that you could have avoided if you gave your arm to twist from the beginning. You have to start assuming, Taurus, that you are not always right and that you are not always right.


You are lost for words, Gemini, and you know it yourself. But there are times when you are not aware of the damage you can do by saying a word that you shouldn’t. And it is that, in your case, your greatest virtue is also your worst flaw. You love to talk, you are an expert in communicating, expressing yourself, in sharing your thoughts with others. What’s going on? That Gemini, in addition to not controlling your words too much, you also don’t know when you should shut up… And there are times that you don’t realize it and you don’t stop to listen to others. Perhaps that is what others miss most about you, a little more listening and understanding. You need a bit of self-control to know how to apply the handbrake whenever necessary. Luckily, the people who love you do so with your flaws and your virtues.


It is clear that your character is not something easy to deal with. That excess of sensitivity, those sudden mood swings, that lunatic character so difficult to control… Your sensitivity, Cancer, makes you a very special person, but it is true that it is very difficult for others to understand, even you. You are unable to understand yourself sometimes. You have so many emotions inside, Cancer, that it is difficult for you to express yourself, but also, it is difficult for you to find comfort, to find comfort. Because when one thing doesn’t bother you, another thing bothers you. You need so much love, Cancer, that there are even times when you can become somewhat dependent and also somewhat jealous. You need to protect your tooth and nail. You cannot allow anything in the world to take away what you have worked so hard to achieve.


You know exactly what your flaw is, Leo. But from there to you going to recognize it just like that, there is a big step. Because, first of all, you are a very proud person and you are not going to stoop so low as to assume whose foot you limp on. That’s just your fault, Leo, your pride. That stubbornness that you have doesn’t let you give up even in the most difficult moments. Having you around is incredible, Leo, living with you has a thousand good things, but it also has bad things. And it’s not easy at all when you get up on the wrong foot, it’s not easy having to live with you, but also with that unpredictable and uncontrollable mood. That ego and that pride sometimes lead you to make wrong decisions, because your vision is clouded and you are unable to look beyond. The worst thing, Leo, is that then you are the one who suffers the most.


Let’s see, Virgo, yours is quite clear. Although you would give anything to be a perfect person, without flaws, with nothing to improve, in reality, you also have your limping foot. That perfectionism makes you have thousands of hobbies that, in this case, are also a defect. You are very manic, Virgo, very analytical and you are also very critical, both with yourself and with others. But the worst of all this is that who else is affected by these defects is yourself. Because your mind can never stop. He never settles for anything, no matter how good it is, you always need to go further, you need to touch perfection. This is not healthy for your head, Virgo, because you never rest, you never give yourself a break. It’s okay to be so demanding, it’s okay to want to do everything as well as possible,


That indecision, Libra, is much more dangerous than you yourself can come to believe. You know that this is something you should improve. Every day you fight against that demon that lives inside you, against that indecision that makes everything more complicated for you. That is your flaw, Libra, that you are extremely indecisive and therefore also somewhat insecure. You have a hard time tipping the scales to one side. You have to accept that it can’t always be in total balance. And it is that this indecision not only affects you but also affects the people around you. Above all, it is a big problem in your relationships. Because it makes it very difficult for you to commit, that it is so difficult for you to take that big step and accept your feelings. Until you are 100% sure of everything, you do not launch. And for you to be so sure, it can take months,


You are a VERY intense person, Scorpio, too much. Dealing with you is not easy. The passion you put into everything is incredible, but sometimes it can be too much. You are very extreme, or all or nothing, or love or hate and it is very difficult to live with that constant intensity. When you love someone, you do it so hard that you don’t realize that you’re not giving the other person their space and their time. You could use a little more care in that regard. The same when you get angry, Scorpio, even if it’s a small detail, your character comes to light to get the best out of it. You should know how to relax and not take things so seriously, both the good and the bad, Scorpio. Take things more calmly, more calmly. Learn not to be so critical of yourself and not to demand so much.


See that you are always the joy of all the places you go, but you have to recognize that you are not perfect and that you also have your flaws. As a fire sign, it is true that you are a very impulsive person, to the point that many times you are not even able to control your words or actions. But, in addition, many times you are guilty of being too authoritarian. The fire within you makes you want to take charge of most situations you find yourself in. This, Sagittarius, means that you can become a bit stubborn and that it is somewhat irritating to have to live with you. Many times, if you will think a little more before acting, you will save yourself some drama. Fortunately, you then know how to solve everything in the best way. Just like you get into messes you shouldn’t have gotten into,


Getting to the point from the start, Capricorn, optimism is not your thing. To be honest, it is not that you are the joy of the garden, especially if there is no trust and if you have no reason to be. This is one of your flaws. You are too realistic, to the point that there are times when you border on negativity. For you, things are as they are, as they are seen in reality and thus you try to avoid unnecessary suffering. You don’t imagine more things, you try not to get excited about anything that happens to you because you know that in the end things never turn out the way you think. Capricorn, you have to start seeing a little further. Life also has its nuances, it’s not all black or white. You are so critical of yourself and demand so much of yourself that you cannot allow yourself to think nonsense. You have to loosen up a bit, Capricorn, and be kinder to yourself…


What happens to you, Aquarius, is that it costs you horrors to commit. Your defect is in your relationships and in the way you connect with others. To begin with, it costs you a thousand to trust someone. You have felt so judged, you have met so many people who claimed to be something and who later criticized you behind your back that you no longer trust anyone. And that has made you go free through life. You are not a person who expresses his feelings just like that and that is a big problem in your relationships. You must work more on it, Aquarius. It is a defect that you can improve if you put a little on your part. Being such a special person is not easy at all, you know that. In this aspect, you have to put a little more on your part and save that pride for another time.


Although you are a person with a huge heart, Pisces, you also have your limping foot. And you are a very distracted person. You are always in your own world, imagining a thousand fantasies, getting excited about things that you don’t even know if they are going to happen or not. You get lost in your world and have a hard time coming back to reality. So it happens, that later you don’t know what your responsibilities are, you don’t know what you have to do, you don’t know where you left your wallet, your keys, your phone. Your flaw, Pisces, is that you lose everything. And you don’t lose your head because you still have it attached to your body. You know that you should put a little more on your part and not get so confused, but after all, you are like that. You love being in your world. There are times when reality seems so cruel to you that you prefer to disappear from it…

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