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Think the middle seat on the plane is the worst? New design could make it the BEST with more room than people by an aisle or window

PASSENGERS that are allocated the middle seat on the airplane often feel like theyve drawn the short straw.

Not only do they have to share both their armrests, they often find themselves cramped between the travellers either side of them.

But thankfully this air rage could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a nifty new invention.

The innovative Side-Slip Seat puts middle seat passengers flight woes to rest, as it allows them extra room.

Molon Labe Designs have adjusted the classic three-chair design, so that the central holidaymaker has three inches more space, in comparison to the 18 inch slots either side.

The unlucky passengers that land the middle seat will be treated to a bit of extra room

As well as this, the middle spot is placed slightly behind the window and aisle seats, giving everyone their own dedicated armrests.

When flights arent full, the design allows the outer chairs to be slid together to provide extra room.

By staggering the chairs, the passengers dont have to share armrests
The seats also slide together to create extra room, or make the aircrafts more wheelchair accessible

The new inventionhas completed its safety training, but it will have to be sent to the FAA for crash testing over the next few months.

Once the prototype has been approved, it could be seen in our aircrafts in the near future.

Thought this invention could help make your next trip abroad more plane sailing?

Its not the only travel hack to sweep the web in recent months.

Turning left through terminal doors and booking flights at night could help to reduce stress levels on your next holiday.

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1 Comment

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