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Thrifty single mum reveals how she feeds her family of five for just £10 A DAY… and how you can do the same

A THRIFTYmum has revealed how she manages to feed her family of five for just 10 a day.

Sarah Jenner, from Queensland, has shared her handy tips that can help families cut down their food bills, but still create healthy and nutritious meals.

Mum Sarah Jenner has revealed how she managed to feed her family of five for 10 a day

The single mumcurrently spends between 66-90 on her weekly shop, which provides for her and her four children who still live at home.

The super-saver currently works as a home and community care worker, and says that she will never serve cheap noodles to her kids over good quality meals.

Dishes include tasty options such as sausage hot pot, spaghetti and meatballs and shepherds pie.

Sarah has seven children (pictured), but only four of them still live at home

Of her weekly bill, up to 36-42 ($60-$70) is set aside for dinner meals, and 12-30 (AU$20-$50) goes on breakfast and lunch meals, food essentials like milk and bread and non-food items.

She also makes sure she spends 18 (AU$30) on fresh fruit every week.

Speaking to the Sun Online Sarah said: For my family I want them to feel full and to like what theyve eaten. It is important to me that my family eat vegetables.

I often put bread and butter on the table with the meal though, that helps if theyre extra hungry.

Sarah bulk buys meat, which she splits up for multiple meals

The most important rule she follows for keeping bills low is to plan out the weekly menu before shopping.

She bulk buys meat, which she splits up for multiple meals, and she also stocks up on frozen vegetables.

The mother comes from a small town in far north Queensland, and has to make do without any discount fruit and vegetable shops.

She explained: I love it when I find mark downs but I have the meal plans I wrote because they dont depend on mark downs or specials I know theyll cost roughly the same all the time.

If she is careful with the day-to-day meals, she said the family love to splash out when it comes to birthdays and at Christmas.

The single mum plans out her meals in advance so she can feed her family

She has seven children in total, but just four live at home at the moment, ranging in age from eight to 23.

Sarah said that she loves to help people and hopes her tips, which are featured on her blog, can be of use to other families.

She said: Helping is what actually started this whole thing in the first place. I thought a few people might get some useful tips if I shared how I do things.

She isnt the only mum to have cut down on her shopping bill.

Earlier this month we wrote about a thrifty mum-of-three whowon thousands of Facebook fans by showing how she feeds a family of five and her dogs.

We also wrote about a mum whosaves 10,000 a year by ditching luxuries like toothpaste, toilet roll and shampoo.

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