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I’m paying £1,000-a-month for a tiny apartment with NO toilet or kitchen that’s only as wide as my arm span – I love it

A MAN has told how he forks out £1,000 a month to live in a tiny apartment with no toilet or kitchen – but he loves it.

Alex Verhaeg’s humble abode in New York City is only as wide as his arm span, meaning it’s more of a burrow rather than a bachelor pad.

Alex Verhaeg’s tiny home in New York City is only as wide as his arm span
The 23-year-old has managed to squash his life inside the 95-square-foot apartment

The 23-year-old juggles three jobs to afford his minuscule flat in Manhattan’s East Village – but luckily, utilities are included.

His shoe-box-style home is just over 15ft long, forcing him to sleep diagonally in his twin bed as his tall frame simply won’t fit.

However, Alex insists it “works great” for him and that it is a super cosy setup when the Big Apple gets chilly.

Due to his significant lack of space, the bike messenger, licensed barber, and content creator has taken a minimalist approach when organising the pad’s interior.

His shoes and other possessions are neatly stored away under his bed, while the rest of his belongings are stuffed into a small wardrobe.

But he remains grateful for his lack of room, as Alex told CNBC Make It that it forced him to favour simplicity as he has no place to hoard “random things”.

The New Yorker has managed to squeeze in some home comforts to his petite apartment, including a small table and two folding chairs.

A flat-screen TV takes pride of place on the wall, while a floating shelf fits all of the 23-year-old’s favourite books on.

Alex said: “Living in such a small space really makes you be grateful for the things that you do have. Any space can be made into a home.

“No matter how big or how small that space is, you just got to put some love into it.”

However, his digs do lack two major amenities – a functioning kitchen and bathroom.

Although the pint-sized place boasts a fridge and a small sink with a medicine cabinet, Alex has no stove or shower squashed inside.

Instead, he has to use a makeshift cooktop while traipsing to the shared bathroom facilities, situated just down the hall from him.

He explained: “Living in the building can sort of feel like you’re in the college dorms by the fact that you share bathrooms and you share showers.

“Sometimes, you’ll see your neighbors walking around in the hallway in either a towel or a bathrobe, but you sort of just get used to it.”

The content creator also has to take care of his own laundry elsewhere, as there are no facilities in the building.

However, his £1,000 rent does cover his utilities, meaning his only other monthly expense is his £45 WiFi bill.

Alex explained his main priority when house hunting was the location, so he could walk everywhere as he dislikes using the train.

He also wanted a place where he could live alone without needing a roommate.

Alex has spent three years living in the compact flat and plans to plant his roots elsewhere soon – but admitted he loves his current home.

The 23-year-old added: ” I believe that I do have a good deal here.

“I know it’s a lot of money, but for the location I am in, the fact that all of my utilities are included, I feel like I’m paying a pretty fair price.”

Despite encountering a rat problem, Alex says the issue was quickly solved when a cat moved into the building.

He also has to haul his bike up four floors after it got stolen after a long day of work – but still remains impressed by the roof over his head.

Despite having no toilet or kitchen, Alex loves his minimalistic pad and its price tag
He pays £1,000 a month for the minuscule flat, which he considers a good deal

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