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Travel experts reveal the 3 big mistakes passengers make on long-haul flights – and you’ve done at least one of them

WHILE a holiday to somewhere hot and far away can be tempting, many may be put off by the long flight.

And travel experts have revealed some of the big mistakes you could be making on long-haul flights – and how to avoid them.

Long haul flights can be hard – here are three things you are doing wrong which makes them worse

Wearing uncomfy clothes

Even if you want to look nice on the plane, you might want to opt for comfy clothes over stylish ones.

Phil Dengler, co-founder of The Vacationer told Yahoo: “Since you will be sitting in the same seat for six or more hours, it is essential to be as comfortable as possible.”

So things like jeans and coats are out, while stretchy and soft clothes are best, so jumpers and leggings.

And when it comes to shoes, opt for sandals or trainers you can loosen – just don’t go barefoot.

Booking a seat near the bathroom

Next time you are booking your seat, don’t be tempted to book near the bathroom even if you get up a lot.

Kayak’s Paul Jacobs explained: “Sitting near the restroom may sound convenient, but it’s never fun to be in that row when a line forms outside the restroom.

Instead, he said the best thing to do is sit far away and use it as an excuse to walk around and stretch your legs.

Here is why it’s important to keep moving on flights.

Not taking snacks onboard

Plane food is known for tasting bad, because of the way the cabin pressure changes your taste buds.

And there is nothing worse than being on a long flight with nothing else to eat.

Phil explained: “I always bring my own snacks on long-haul flights, and I have never regretted it.

“Food options can be limited, so this guarantees I will be able to eat what I want and when I want.”

A woman has revealed a clever item that makes long-haul flights much comfier.

And another expert has revealed how to cope on long flights if you are a nervous flyer.

Wear comfy clothes and avoid seats near the bathroom, experts have advised

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