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Woman reveals how she avoids paying for food and drink at the airport – and people are stunned

A WOMAN has revealed how she dodges having to fork out for food and drink at airports.

Prices for food and drinks at airports are often inflated, with passengers not able to go anywhere else to get something to eat.

A TikTok user has revealed how she saves money on food and drink at the airport
The traveller brought crisps with her as part of her snacks

However, Tiktoker ‘letsbefranc’ revealed how she never goes hungry and never hands over any money.

In a video, she showed how she brings her own sandwiches, crisps and sweets to the airport, while also revealing how she avoids buying water.

She said: “We got through airport security in ten minutes at Gatwick.

“We got all of our food through, so I’m going to show you what food I brought through security, which was fine. It’s just another good hack for when you’re trying to travel cheaply.

She was also able to fill an empty water bottle up at a water fountain

“Airport food can be quite expensive and also the queues here are crazy, so we’re glad that we brought our own food.”

She revealed what she brought through with her so she didn’t have to spend any money after security.

She continued: “The first thing we brought through was an empty bottle of water and filled it up at the water fountain here because there are water fountains available at every airport. You’re allowed to bring an empty bottle through.

“I brought us both a ham and cheese roll each, a packet of crisps each and we also had a banana each.

“I’ve got sweets in my bag for the plane as well.”

The hack was news to some users, who weren’t aware they could bring food on planes with them.

One wrote: “Oo I didn’t know that! have a safe trip!”

Another said: “I shall be taking my Haribo cherries then.”

Others chimed in with advice of their own for those who weren’t aware that they could take food through security.

One said: “There is no limit to the amount of solid food you can take through security. You just cannot take yogurts, spreads, jam, honey etc.”

Another wrote: “You definitely can take food in. I always do, especially long haul flights. Liquids/gels no, but food ok. Check airline policy.”

A third added: “Security are looking for guns, sharp objects, explosives….not sweets. Mind blowing people think you can’t carry sweets.”

Meanwhile, these parents use snacks to entertain their kids on flights.

And this traveller shared a hack to avoid spending money on water.

The pair also took sandwiches to the airport as part of their feast

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1 Comment

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