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How I fit everything for a 3-week holiday in my hand luggage -including clothes, toiletries & electronics

A TRAVELLER has revealed how she manages to pack for a three week trip without using checked-in luggage.

Checking in suitcases can often lead to lengthy delays at baggage reclaim, or even to luggage getting lost or damaged.

Danny recommends getting a good sized personal bag to fit extra items in

That has put people off keeping their items in the luggage hold and relying instead on carry-on allowances.

While that can lead to some people leaving things behind, one traveller has explained how she uses cabin bags without having to compromise on what she takes with her.

Tiktoker Danny Devan (@dannydevv_) managed to pack for a three week trip, taking multiple pairs of shoes, toiletries, electronics and clothes.

In a video she showed the bags she uses and the space-saving hacks that help her pack for trips without the need for a big suitcase.

She said: I just did a 20-day trip in Europe and it was so nice not having to check a bag on any of those flights, have everything with me and the airline couldnt lose any of my stuff.

Heres how I did it and everything I used and honestly, Ill never pack another way again.

Her first tip was to use a four-wheeled hard shell suitcase, personally recommending a Beis suitcase.

Her next tip was to use vacuum bags from Amazon to squeeze as many clothes as possible into her case.

She also recommended using packing cubes to help keep clothes organised.

Danny then explained that along with the hard case, people will need a decent personal bag, with the weekender bag from Beis her recommendation.

The bag comes with a large bottom compartment that allowed her to pack several pairs of shoes, toiletries, a curling iron, two bags and jewellery, without taking up and space in the main compartment.

She then filled the rest of the bag with electronics and other items she needed for her trip.

Although some airlines will allow passengers to take one small case and a personal bag on board their planes, Danny did admit she had to spend 26 for extra baggage on one airline, so recommends checking before flying.

Dannys video has been watched almost half a million times, with lots of people impressed with her tips.

One person had used a similar bag combination on a longer trip to Europe and said: Absolutely YES. Currently on a 5 -eek Europe trip and my husband and I both did the same. The space saver bags are key!

A second person added: I will never travel to Europe with a checked bag. Too many of mine, my friends, and familys luggage has gotten lost cant risk it.

A third said: My girl and I did the same for our 1- day European trip. That bag is a must.

Danny was able to take several pairs of shoes in her personal bag

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