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Traveller divides opinion after revealing ‘evil’ method to stop person reclining seat during flight

A TRAVELLER has revealed the “evil” way she stops people reclining in the seat in front of her on planes.

Air travel is famously uncomfortable, but it can be made much worse by other people invading your space.

The passenger called in to the Fitzy and Wippa show to reveal her hack

However, there are ways to make sure other passengers don’t spread out beyond their seats and into yours.

In a radio show in Australia, one caller rang in to explain how she makes sure the person sitting in front of her quickly regrets reclining their seat, if they choose to do so.

She rang up the Fitzy and Wippa show on Nova FM in Sydney and said: “When you’re flying economy and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their chair all the way back.

“You know the air-con vents in the top, you can swivel them around.

“I just swivel it right on their face and turn it up full blast.”

The hosts of the show were impressed with her punishment, describing it as both “really clever” and “a belter”.

They shared footage of the call via their Tiktok page (@fitzyandwippa) and asked if it was either “the most genius or evil airplane travel hack”.

The video has been seen almost a million times and some people were really impressed with her idea.

One said: “My new move.”

A second wrote: “I’ll be using this my legs barely fit behind the seats when they’re upright.”

However, other people said the woman came across as entitled and that people should be allowed to recline if they want to.

One wrote: “How’s it inconsiderate, she sounds entitled.”

Another added: “Jokes on you, I’m always hot on a plane, I would love that.”

Meanwhile, this man used the air vents to dry out his shoes, much to other passengers’ horror.

Another passenger did something similar, but instead of her shoes, she dried out her pants.

The woman uses the air conditioning nozzle to prevent people from reclining

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1 Comment

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