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What To Look Out For When Buying A stroller

What to look out for when buying a stroller

A combi stroller is particularly practical, but there are countless manufacturers. That doesn’t make the decision easy. We present the best models. Plus: Which features determine the purchase decision

Stroller or buggy? With a combi stroller, this question does not even arise, which is why this category is becoming increasingly popular. From birth to the age of four, you can transport your child in a combi stroller.

The latest models last even longer, as many manufacturers have increased the maximum weight of the small passenger from 15 kg to 22 kg. The only problem: the selection is huge. That’s why we answer the most important questions that arise when buying a pram and show you the best models. Let’s go!

1. What is a 3-in-1 pram?

The 3-in-1 pram combines three sitting and lying positions. First the baby bath, second the car seat (also called baby seat), and third the sports seat. In the first 6 to 9 months, the newborn child lies safely in the tub or in the bowl. When the child has learned to sit by itself, the sports seat is switched and the pram becomes a buggy.

2. What should I look out for when buying a pram?

There is a lot you need to consider when buying a combi stroller. First of all, be aware that you will be pushing this stroller for at least the next four years, if more children come, much longer. Here are six points to keep in mind.


Don’t skimp on the price, after all, you want the right car for you, your wife, and your child. Everyone should be happy with the purchase decision. Of course, there are also very good cheaper alternatives, but every oh-so-small detail can save you one or the other gray hair in the next few years. The cheapest models start at around 150 euros, but if you want you can also invest around 1,500 euros in the cart.​​


A very important point. How quickly and compactly can the stroller be folded or converted? Many manufacturers keep improving their models in this category. The top models can now be folded up with just one hand (literally in no time at all). This means you’re just as quick as a pit crew when you put your child in the car and want to stow the stroller in the trunk. If you want to use the baby seat from the car on your stroller, you should note whether the stroller already has integrated car seat adapters, otherwise, they also have to be put in the shopping cart. If you already have an infant carrier, you need to check whether it is compatible with your stroller. Another aspect would be the foot space: If you want to go shopping regularly with the stroller,

Measurements and weight

A factor not to be underestimated. When folded, a stroller can have very different dimensions. From a length of up to almost a meter and a width of up to half a meter. So make sure that it fits in your trunk at all. A modern combi stroller weighs around 15 kilos. So be sure that you and your wife can also easily lift it into the trunk. Before you buy, imagine everyday situations: How would you cope with the car in the stairwell or in the supermarket? Can you quickly board the bus and train with him?​

Areas of application

That brings us to the next point. A smaller, maneuverable car is recommended for the city, with the largest possible, puncture-proof hard rubber tires. If you also drive it over uneven ground, you need a strong suspension with suitable pneumatic tires.​

Inner space

Your baby should be safe and comfortable. Good ventilation and sufficient sun protection should be available, especially in summer. In adverse weather conditions, your stroller needs a warm mattress and a stable rain cover. In the worst case, if your child makes a mess in the carrycot, then it would be an advantage if you can remove and wash the covers.​


Last, but not least, the whole car has to be safe, of course. It should or rather must have the EN 1888 standard. This regulates the safety requirements for means of transport on wheels for children in Europe. Otherwise, an extra tilt-resistant frame and a strong, shoe-friendly parking brake can’t hurt.​

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a combi stroller?


The main advantage is obvious. Instead of getting two or even three different strollers, you combine everything in one. In general, almost every baby stroller can be converted. The classic retro cars, with wicker tubs and huge tires, are more a fashion statement than functional. Your baby will have outgrown the baby seat so quickly that a pure, non-convertible stroller makes no sense.

Another advantage is the orientation of the tub or sports seat. You can align both either to you or in the direction of travel. This is especially important with older children who also want to observe their surroundings. In addition, a combi stroller is extremely durable. The top products not only transport your firstborn, but also child numbers 2, 3, and 4.


Every station wagon has to make compromises in one direction or the other. Either the size of the carrycot is very well suited for babies, but the sports seat is too small for the toddler or the other way around. This problem was just made clear in the last Stiftung Warentest in 2020. Of 12 strollers tested, only 2 got a “good” rating. In most cases, it was about the inappropriate sizes of the sports seats and tubs.

4. What are the best combi strollers?

There are at least 20 suitable top models for every requirement. We, therefore, present our favorites to you, with a mix of excellent luxury models and high-quality perennial favorites.

The Vamos of Osan4n

The Vamos of Osan4n
The brand new Vamos from Osann © Osann

Order here : The Vamos by Osann

This model comes in two versions, with either rubber or air wheels. For just under 600 euros you get a pram that masters every challenge with flying colors. With its large, spring-loaded wheels, it impresses on any terrain and can be folded up quickly and practically, even with the sports seat attached.

The changeover from the baby bath to the sports seat is effortless, as the sports seat can also be mounted against the direction of travel up to the absolute lying surface. Thanks to its adjustable push handle, every member of the family, whether big or small, can push the buggy comfortably. The interior has been thought through, so you can remove and wash the covers in the event of an overly full diaper. A small flaw with the Vamos, you need an extra adapter for your baby seat.

Price: around 600 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 106.5 x 95.5 x 60.5
Weight: 7 kilos

The Jimmy by Easywalker

The Jimmy by Easywalker
Well thought out down to the smallest detail, the Jimmy by Easywalker © Babywalz

Order here: Jimmy by Easywalker

The all-new model is the first luxury car on our list. He is also convincing in almost every respect. Almost absolutely noiseless, like an electric car, it drives over any terrain. Thanks to its all-wheel suspension and the large rubber wheels (20.82 centimeters at the front, 28.45 centimeters at the rear), there are virtually no unwanted jerks. This is also due to the comfortable anti-reflux mattress in the baby bath.

The manufacturer attaches great importance to sustainability, which is why all the materials used are made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, all prams and buggies come with a lifetime guarantee. Whether it’s stinging heat in summer or a snowstorm in winter, with the many ventilation openings and extra wide sun and rain cover, this stroller has an answer for any weather.

Changing to the 4-stage sports seat is very easy and can be used in both directions. This trolley is ideal for tall parents thanks to the sliding height of 99 centimeters to 113 centimeters. The icing on the cake is the practical folding system. You folded it up in the trunk faster than you can say “Easywalker Jimmy”. For the proud price of more than 1,200 euros you get the bundle of the stroller, sports seat, and carrycot, unfortunately, you have to buy the car seat adapter separately here too.

Price: around 1,250 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 113 x 96 x 61
Weight: 8.8 kilos

The Salsa 4 Air by ABC Design

The Salsa 4 Air by ABC Design
Our price-performance recommendation for the Salsa 4 Air from ABC Design © Babywalz

Order here: The Salsa 4 Air by ABC Design

As early as 2019, the Salsa 4 without air, i.e. without its pneumatic wheels, convinced “Stiftung Warentest” and was rated “good”. Nevertheless, the models from the last few years, unfortunately, had a recurring error. The parking brake has caused trouble for many customers, as often only one side was blocked. However, the new model from ABC has eliminated this flaw.

Otherwise, the all-rounder impresses again with its very large tires (front 24 centimeters, rear 27 centimeters) with integrated suspension, but is still very maneuverable. The memory function on the bathtub holder is particularly clever. You can unlock the carrycot or the sports seat one after the other and still have one hand free.

Speaking of one hand: that’s all you need to fold the stroller compactly. The locking transport lock provides additional protection. In the first few months, your child will be comfortable in the tub. Equipped with the new panoramic ventilation window at the head end, optimal air circulation is ensured. Here, too, all the fabrics were made from recycled PET bottles, but the covers cannot be removed. The Salsa 4 Air is also available with a baby seat, but you need an extra adapter here too. Nevertheless, the stroller, which is available in stores for 750 euros, remains our price-performance recommendation.

Price: around 750 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 110 x 59.5 x 62.5
Weight: 10 kilos

The Bugaboo Fox 3

Incredibly agile
Incredibly maneuverable, the Fox 3 from Bugaboo © Babywalz

Order here: The Fox 3 by Bugaboo

The Dutch stroller manufacturer has revised its Fox model and, among other things, treated its long-running favorite to an improved, air-permeable carrycot. His trademark remains his incredibly agile steering. The smooth driving is optimized by the special 4-wheel suspension, it ensures that even brick pavement is no longer an obstacle.

A soft 3D mesh mattress now provides more comfort. In addition, the car is surprisingly light and weighs less than 10 kilos. So the ideal companion for the city, but thanks to its stable, puncture-proof tires also suitable for difficult terrain. Unfortunately, you also need an extra adapter for the baby seat and the delivery is disassembled.

Price: around 1,300 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 108 x 105 x 60
Weight: 9.9 kilos

The Priam of Cybex

The Rolls-Royce of prams
The Rolls-Royce of prams, the Priam from Cybex © Cybex

Order here: The Priam by Cybex

The stylish and high-quality luxury stroller Priam has everything that a stroller needs. In this case, luxury strollers are quite apt, as they are also available in designs by, for example, supermodel Karolina Kurkova or music producer DJ Khaled. Otherwise, the car can be configured according to your individual wishes. Again, there are the helpful memory buttons on the seat mount, which you can easily operate with one hand. You can also fold the stroller up in no time with one hand, even with the sports seat.

Cybex has thought through the car very well, so you can buckle up your child in the sports seat with one hand. Also very practical: the seat is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a child’s chair when you are out and about. Unfortunately, even with the luxury car, the adapters are necessary for the baby seat, but at least you get them included with the delivery. The bundle costs around 1,500 euros.

Price : 1,500 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 108 x 83 x 100
Weight: 13.1 kilos

The Mixx next from Nuna

Impresses with its compact folding size
The Mixx next from Nuna impresses with its compact folding size © Babywalz

Order here: The Mixx next from Nuna

The versatile pram from the Nuna brand has smart details that may not convince you until you take a second look. Let’s take the really compact folding size for one. After you have folded the car in no time at all, the rear tires also retract, which saves a few more centimeters in the trunk.

The easy-to-use 5-belt system also allows you to buckle up quickly because the buckle is magnetic. While the car has many advantages that speak for the city, with the plush suspension and puncture-proof, foam-filled, hollow-chamber tires, it also works off-piste. Another plus, city or not, is the easy-to-reach large shopping basket. Unfortunately, you have to buy the right carrycot separately, the baby things adapters are already included.

Price: 760 euros
Dimensions in centimeters (LxHxW) : 110 x 82 x 60
Weight: 12.5 kilos

The Lila XP from Maxi Cosi

This year's test winner
This year’s test winner is the Lila XP from Maxi Cosi © Babywalz

Order here: The Lila XP from Maxi Cosi

Last but not least, we present you the current test winner from 2020 from “Stiftung Warentest” and that at an absolute bargain. Do you like going into the forest or some other bumpy terrain? Then the Maxi Cosi stroller is ideal for you.

The soft suspension paired with the all-terrain wheels proves themselves on any surface. The XXL sports seat with a length of over one meter, which gives your child the space it needs to grow, and the climate-regulating reversible mattress are also worth mentioning. It is pleasantly cool in summer and provides the necessary warmth in winter. You have to get the tub and the adapter separately. The XXL tub is available here.

As you may have noticed, it is not that easy to find the right stroller for your needs. That’s why you’re welcome to get advice from a specialist shop and test drive as many models as possible before you decide on a stroller. Good preparation is therefore the be-all and end-all here. If this is the case, we are sure that you will be able to rock the child.

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