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When can you exercise after childbirth?

Exercise after childbirth

After giving birth, many women want to get back in shape as quickly as possible: lose the pregnancy pounds, compensate for the lack of exercise and regain their old form as quickly as possible. However, it is wrong to push yourself too hard when you have regained your enthusiasm for exercise. After childbirth, some tissue structures are quite delicate and overuse can do more harm than good.

This applies to the abdominal wall, for example: due to the stretching pressure during pregnancy, the abdominal muscle strands diverge – the resulting rectus diastasis can be between two and ten centimeters wide and up to 15 centimeters long. Diastasis recti usually resolve within a few months after delivery. Our advice: Your recovery program should start no earlier than seven weeks after delivery. It can go on for ten weeks.

Sport after childbirth: Golden rules for your return to work

Take time for your activities! Even if you hardly have any space for yourself: Treat yourself to at least half an hour of exercise a day!

  • In order to get rid of the excess pounds, you shouldn’t overdo it now: you shouldn’t lose more than one pound a week.
  • If you had a c-section, take it extra easy. The wound must first be completely healed (duration: four to six weeks). Around four months after the birth, you can do regular sports again. But remember: Don’t start all over again right away! Your body needs time to get used to the stresses again – it can take up to two years!
  • Do pelvic floor training! If your doctor has given you the green light, you can start gently again six hours after the birth.
  • Get back in gently! It is easier for women who were physically active before pregnancy. But for everyone else, low-vibration sports such as Nordic walking, Tai Chi, yoga, swimming, or Pilates are also possible eight to ten weeks after childbirth.

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