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When Should You Opt for a Massage Therapy? Important Things You Need To Know

When Should You Opt for a Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an amazing experience everyone would like to have regularly. It’s one of the things you can indulge in, to enjoy relaxation at its peak. You may want to book sessions during that vacation you intend to go on, next month!

But before that, you actually have to know how often you should get one, why you should, and the boundaries you should maintain while having your body taken care of during such sessions.

How Often Should You Get A Massage?

This question is worth asking and below are things that determine how frequently you visit your massage therapist.

1. When You’re Pregnant:

If you are an expecting mother, massage therapies are really a good bet. This is because your body weight would increase due to the biological changes taking place and this would in turn affect the body muscles and joints. At this point, a massage helps to even things out and keep you at ease.

Also note that massage sessions can only commence after the first trimester, and twice a week for regularity.

2. If you suffer insomnia:

Battling insomnia can be an uphill task for you, but even as you take your medications and adhere to the doctor’s instructions, booking massage sessions would help a great deal. They would calm your nerves and keep your body and mind in a restful state.

Discussing with your therapist would help you know how frequent your visits should be, especially depending on how serious the insomnia is.

3. If the nature of your job requires you to sit at a desk all day:

It is really advised that you book sessions weekly in this regard. This is to ease away the pressure built up around your spine, back waist, neck, and legs. Regularly having massage sessions would limit the chances of developing health issues.

4. If you’ve sustained an injury:

Accidents occur in several ways and on several occasions. It could be on the road, in school, at the office, or even at home. Probably, you may have been a victim. Massage Therapy helps in easing pain and aids in quick recovery. The regularity of your visits is dependent on the severity of the injury.

5. If you engage in serious workout sessions:

Muscular tensions occur on the arms, thighs, shoulders, etc.

If you’re a workout warrior, you’re likely to have muscular spasms, and massage sessions help ease off your muscular reactions to the weights you’ve been lifting all along!

The Categories Of Massage Therapy

1. Swedish message:

This is a full-body massage for newbies. It is suitable for stress depletion, tension release, and for those who are desirous of calm touch. This session is for about an hour or an hour and a half.

2. Deep tissue massage:

This massage requires the application of deeper pressure the Swedish type. It is the right massage for muscle problems eg severe muscle pain, injuries, etc. It also lasts for the same time frame.

3. Trigger-point massage

This massage is applicable for people with specific health issues, chronic pain, or severe muscle conditions.

4. Hot-stone massage

This is good for people who just want to relax or who want to ease their tension. This type of massage has some similarities with the Swedish massage except that heated stones are used in addition to the hands. This lasts for an hour and a half.

5. Sports massage

It is applicable in the treatment of injuries that occur from playing a sport. It can also be used as a preventive measure against injury.

It lasts for about 60-90 minutes.

6. Aromatherapy:

This is best for people who want to heal from emotional hurt and pain. This massage is done with a combination of soft gentle pressures and essential oils. It lasts for about an hour or an hour and half

7. Chair massage:

It is a very snappy massage that focuses on the neck, shoulders, and back. It lasts between 10 to 30 minutes


Even as you opt for massage therapy sessions, you have to stay woke and draw the line. These precautions are necessary:

  1. You shouldn’t ask your massage therapist to come to your house when you’ve booked a session unless there’s someone else at home with you.
  2. You shouldn’t let your massage therapist comment on your looks/attractiveness.
  3. Your massage therapist is not allowed to touch you on the out-of-bounds parts of your body. If such arises, it is considered abuse and you have the right to place charges against him/her.

All these being known, you can have fulfilling massage therapy. Enjoy!

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