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Where to buy KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime sports drink after it SELLS OUT

THE success of Prime Hydration has seen the drink flying off the shelves with some stores selling out completely.

Boxing rivals and YouTube sensations, Logan Paul and KSI, came together to create Prime Hydration with Asda exclusively stocking the sports drink in the UK.

Prime drink bottles have been flying off the shelves since their release thanks to the popularity of its founders

But demand for the product has seen shelves emptied as quickly as they are replaced.

The drinks are selling for £2, but due to the high demand some consumers have taken to reselling the drink on eBay for an absurd £1,000+ price tag.

Social media is awash with reports of desperate bids to get hold of the drink, not least by frustrated parents under pressure from their kids.

One said on Facebook: “If anyone spots the bloody KSI drink Prime please let me know!!

“I have a teenager who has lived in Asda the last 3 days trying to find it lol.”

Asda has been approached for a comment.

Two years after their final match in 2019, social media moguls Logan Paul and KSI put their rivalry behind them to come up with the Prime hydration idea.

During a live stream, Paul and KSI revealed that they are aiming to “rival some of the biggest companies on Earth” with their new beverage, including “Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, and Powerade.”

The YouTubers claimed that their biggest goals for their collaborative drink were taste and hydration.

The drink is made up of 10 per cent coconut water and 825 milligrams of electrolytes.

Prime was first available in the USA back in January 2022, but quickly sold out in a matter of hours.

The same is true for the UK when it first came to Asda in July, but demand isn’t slowing down.

Where to buy Prime Hydration?

The drink is exclusively sold in Asda. 

KSI told a podcast it was “always sold out” and added: “The only place you’re meant to get Prime is Asda and Arsenal stadium.”

According to Worcester News, the Asda in the town is selling out within half an hour of the drink being restocked.

There were reports of queues forming around 5am for the drink, with many stores limiting customers to buying only three at a time.

An app has been developed, Prime Hydration Tracker, which allows costumers to check the availability of the product around the country.

It is believed that Asda reports stock information directly to the app.

It also works by using crowd sourced information from local areas.

The app is available on both Apple and Android.

Tom Bastable, who developed the 89p app from his home in Plymouth, said: “The popularity of the drink has been crazy.

“I got hold of some while I was researching the app – and my daughter was offered £25 for it by another teenager.

“We’ve had 18,500 downloads in the first three days, and expect a total 60,000 downloads in the first week.”



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