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Why you should eat the banana peel

Why you should eat the banana peel

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the skin of a banana or the stalk of broccoli – some parts end up in the garbage straight away and without much thought. But stop! You can eat more than you think with some types of fruit and vegetables.

Even if it may seem to take some getting used to at first – with many types of fruit and vegetables you can easily eat parts such as the stalk, leaves, or peel. But it gets even better: This is where most of the nutrients are often found!

Fruit and vegetables: you can eat them

1. Radishes

If you want to spice up your bread or salad with a few radishes, then you probably only reach for the radishes themselves. However, the leaves are guaranteed to end up in the garbage. Well, they only contain valuable mustard oil, which is a proven home remedy for colds and cystitis due to its antibacterial effect.

2. Bananas

The next time you eat a banana, why not try the peel too? Here are large amounts of potassium, vitamin B6 and B12, all of which have a positive effect on the heart and nervous system. Just be sure to cut off the stem and black end before eating. It should also be an organic banana. Don’t you dare bite? Then make a delicious smoothie from the banana and its skin!

3. Zucchini

Also, peeling a zucchini is completely unnecessary and a waste. Valuable dietary fiber and minerals are found in the skin of zucchini. Pumpkin plants can generally be eaten with their skins without any problems.

4. Broccoli

Did you know that the stalk of broccoli is even healthier than the florets? In fact, this is where most of the nutrients are located, which is why it is all the more worthwhile to also process the broccoli stalk. Simply peel, chop and cook!

5. Apple

It shouldn’t be a big secret that you can eat the peel with an apple. Here, too, most of the nutrients are hidden in the shell. But what will definitely surprise you is that you should also eat the core of the apple if you want to eat a lot of fiber.

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