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Woman moans she is ‘dreading’ her holiday abroad – and everyone is saying the same thing

A WOMAN has admitted she is dreading her two week holiday abroad this month – but everyone is saying the same thing.

She explained that she had booked the trip for the end of November, but is now regretting it due to Christmas coming up.

A woman has complained she is “dreading” her holiday as she wants to stay in the UK to get ready for Christmas

She wrote on Mumsnet in a post titled “Dreading holiday in two weeks”: “I’m going on holiday in two weeks and have spent the last week sorting out bikinis /passports etc etc and now the stress of Christmas.

“[By] the time we get back it will nearly be December and I haven’t started.

“Why did I think it was a good idea to go away end of November.

“I know I should be excited etc but I just want to put my tree up and go Xmas shopping.”

However, people had little sympathy for her on Mumsnet, with some saying it was a “non-issue”.

One person wrote: “I don’t get it, how on earth have you spent a week ‘sorting bikinis and passports’?

“There doesn’t need to be any Christmas stress any time let alone November. You’re making your life harder than it needs to be.”

Someone else agreed: “Why can’t you start now you’ve sorted everything out for your holiday? This really is a non-issue.”

Others tried to get her to see the good side of the trip.

Another person wrote: “I LIVE for late November holidays – they are the best!

“The best part is, the airport, hotels, destinations are all festive and Christmasy but nice and quiet.

“Nov-Dec is a lower season in terms of price than Dec-Jan so that’s a win!”

Another mum recently explained why you should never go on two-week holidays – and people surprisingly agreed.

Instead, she said that 10 days is the sweet spot for summer holiday enjoyment, allowing for a bit of a break between coming home and returning to work.

And one mum said she never enjoys holidays since having her kids – and people were also on her side.

Most people were not on her side, saying it was a “non-issue”

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1 Comment

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