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Woman explains why she hates going on holiday in the UK – and people surprisingly agree

A WOMAN has explained why she hates going on holiday in the UK – and people are actually on her side.

She explained on Mumsnet that she had been going on holiday on self-catering staycations for more than 30 years.

A woman has explained why she hates going on holiday in the UK

However, she has explained why she likes going away “less and less”.

She wrote: “I like my own bed, my own kitchen and my own bath, regardless of how ‘luxurious’ the accommodation is.

“I feel I’ve now had enough of sleeping in beds that aren’t my own (and always too soft), kitchens that look wonderful but are usually impractical, curtains or blinds that let in the light (waking me up at dawn) etc.

“I find it almost impossible to sleep in a strange bed for at least 2 nights, and often come home feeling more tired than when I started off.”

She also said she hated hotels, with “rowdy guests” and “shouting in corridors” at both budget and 5* resorts.

She asked: “Am I just a miserable old woman or are there any kindred spirits out there?”

However, most people agreed with what she said.

One person said: “I’m with you! Whether self-catering or hotels – you have accurately listed the issues with both.”

“I always come back more knackered than before we arrived.”

Anotehr agreed: “We all have different likes and dislikes, but what you describe isn’t a holiday to me and I couldn’t be bothered with all that faff either for little reward.”

A third added: ” I feel exactly the same, although I never admit it in real life because people don’t like it if I say it for some reason, but yes, everything you described and more! You are certainly not alone!”

Some people offered their own advice, saying it pays to do extra research before booking somewhere.

One person commented: “Research, research, research I say. Read the reviews really carefully and look out for comments on soft beds, poor curtains and noisy guests.

“That way you can hope to eliminate what you hate.”

Another person suggested: “How about investing in a motor home? You could install blackout blinds and have mattresses that suit you.”

One mum has revealed why she hates going on holiday as well.

Another woman explained why going away for two weeks is too much for her.

But one woman was slammed for being “boring” for wanting to go on holiday to the same place every year.

Most people were on her side, saying they felt the same

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