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WordPress Theme Detector: Detect WordPress Themes Online

WordPress Theme Detector is an online free tool to detect WordPress Themes and plugins, it tells you what is the theme a site is currently using. It also gives you more information about the WordPress Plugins being used by the site, so you will have a look on what happens behind the scenes.

WordPress Theme Detector features:

as I mentioned above WordPress Theme Detector tool allows you to know what WordPress theme is being used by any site built with WordPress so that you can build a site looks like your favorite site by downloading the theme if its free or buy it if its not free.

Another useful feature of WordPress Theme Detector is that it also detects WordPress plugins which the site uses in the time of detection. This feature will help you also in adding functions to your site or blog which the detected site use. So it gives you a brief look behind the scenes and allows you to understand how the site works.

The tool also provides a list of the top detected themes, plugins, and WordPress theme providers.

 How to use WordPress Theme Detector ?

Using WordPress Theme Detector is very easy, just paste the site / blog or page URL in the search box and press ENTER, the tool will begin detecting the theme and plugins being used in the page you entered.

How to use WordPress Theme Detector
Enter site or page URL in the search box then press ENTER, and wait till the tool detects the theme.

The tool gives you a lot of information about the detected WP theme like: Theme name, version, author, and a brief description of the theme. Although tool detects themes it also detects WordPress plugins as mentioned before, and gives you very useful info. about detected plugins include: plugin name, description, price, popularity, and download link.

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