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Passenger slams ‘absolute worst’ people on planes – and you’re probably guilty

AN influencer has revealed the one thing that passengers do on planes that she thinks is the “absolute worst” and it’s something a lot of people are guilty of doing.

There’s plenty about other people on planes that can be irritating, with bare feet, reclined seats and open window blinds all among the things that can wind people up.

Stephanie said passengers needed to wait before standing up on flights

However, there’s another habit high up on the list – passengers standing in the aisle before the plane has even stopped.

One person who is not a fan of it is fitness star and frequent flyer Stephanie Miller, who described the act as the “absolute worst”.

The subject came up when she was discussing plane etiquette on podcast Kicpod, which she hosts with fellow model Laura Henshaw.

She said: “There is one thing that people do on the aeroplane that is the absolute worst.

“And the first thing everyone does is stand up.

“I’m sorry but if you stand up and you realise everyone else is just standing there and the lines are going nowhere for 15 minutes, sit back down.”

The pair, who own global wellness app Keep It Cleaner, vented their frustrations over the habit in a recent conversation.

Laura added: “Don’t even. I can’t.

“This is where I get very mad and there’s these poor older people trying to get their stuff.

“Some people like to sit there and that’s fine, but you just need to wait for the people in front of you to go.”

Steph shared a clip of the chat to her Instagram and said there were two types of passenger.

Those who stand as soon as the plane lands, or those who sit and wait and wonder “why the heck people are standing”.

She then asked her 1.5 million followers “which are you”, with her question sparking a debate.

One follower commented: “It’s the worst when you’re in an aisle seat and doing the right thing by waiting, but then feel like you’re holding up the people in the middle and window seats.”

Another agreed, adding: “I definitely sit and wait; there’s no rush.”

However, others said the only reason they stand up is to stretch their legs.

one person wrote: “I get it, I really do, but after a long flight, sometimes your body just wants to stand up and stretch and not be seated.”

Another added: “I stand but only to wait standing because my legs need the stretch after a flight, didn’t realise it would trigger so many!”

A third person said: “Same! My back, hips and legs don’t do well after plane trips so gotta stretch them at any opportunity I can get!”

A man also said the reason he stands up is because he is tall.

He wrote: “Have some consideration for those among us that have had their knees crammed up against the back of the seat in front of them because they’re 6’4 and planes are only made for small people.”

Meanwhile, this barefoot passenger was shamed for causing a “nightmare” plane encounter.

And this person divided opinion with their “evil” method to stop people reclining their seats.

The women said they became angry when seeing people stand up in the aisles on planes (stock image)

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1 Comment

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