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11 insider tips for Greece

The summer of 2022 went well for Greece, the country is one of the top destinations in Europe – and now wants to extend the holiday season until the end of the year. Here are 11 off-the-mainstream tips for the off-season.

Greece |  Santorini island

Santorini – relaxed in the off-season

In the summer months, the islands popular with tourists such as Rhodes, Crete, or Santorini (photo) was fully booked. Now, in the off-season, you have the best chance of finally experiencing the islands without the crowds. And there are many more places – both on islands and on the mainland – where you can now enjoy authentic Greece to the fullest.

White houses in Batsi town which is on Andros island

Andros – the unknown island of culture

It is only two hours by boat from Athens to Cyclades island. Many ignore them, what a mistake! Because Adros is a pearl among the islands of the southern Aegean: rich in water and very green, to hike on hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails. As icing on the cake, there are charming towns like Basti (photo) and wonderful beaches such as Zorkas and Vori.

White houses in Chora town on Naxos island

Naxos – Hiking through the Cyclades

For the largest Cyclades island, we recommend renting a car and visiting villages like Apiranthos or Filoti. Must try: local cheese. Nature lovers should hike to the Zeus Cave, where the Greek god Zeus is said to have spent his childhood. The trek can be combined with a detour to Zas peak, the highest mountain in the Cyclades.

A rocky canyon with azure water and a pebble beach where people sit and relax.

Seitan Limania Beach – splash around in paradise

Even Crete still has places that not everyone knows. On the west of the island, near Chania, lies this stunning bay. A narrow path leads over steep cliffs down to the hidden beach with its turquoise blue water. There are no loungers or parasols here, only nature. There is so little going on that you only meet a goat once.

Colorful houses at the port of Halki island, Greece

Halki – a barren island with charm

Halki sometimes spelled Halki, is a small island in the Dodecanese archipelago popular for day trips from Rhodes island. We recommend spending a night or two in the port town of Nimborio – one of the few inhabited settlements on the island. Although Chalki is not particularly green, it offers crystal clear water, for example at Pontamos Beach.

Tower houses of the village of Vathia on the Mani Peninsula at sunset with the sea in the background.

Mani – Incomparable architecture

Perched high above the Aegean Sea, the stone village of Vathia is a stunning example of the unique architecture on the Mani Peninsula, a tip of southern mainland Greece, the Peloponnese. Visit the seaside villages of Kardamyli and Stoupa or explore the Diros Caves, which can be reached after a 25-minute boat ride and a short hike.

A view of the tree covered island of Paxos with blue water and boats on the water

Paxos – Poseidon’s place of rest

Paxos is the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands and a love nest, at least according to legend. Created by Poseidon for himself and his beloved Aphrodite. Paxos is ten kilometers long and two kilometers wide, so really tiny. Many bathing bays, plus the small port town of Gaios with its cafes and bars – pure relaxation. An experience: the sunset on the beach of Erimitis.

The great ancient amphitheater of Epidaurus overlooking forest and a mountain.

The ancient theater of Epidaurus – acoustics with a view

The ancient limestone theater near the town of Epidaurus dates from the 4th century BC. and is located on Mount Kynortion. In its day it was considered an example of acoustic and aesthetic perfection and could seat around 14,000 spectators. Ancient dramas are still performed there today. For example, the Epidaurus Festival takes place every summer.

Agia Paraskevi beach is situated in a bay surrounded by trees.

Spetses – Secluded Beaches

The Saronic Islands are known for Hydra. Artists discovered the island as a retreat in the 1960s, and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen had a house here. Less well known is the neighboring island of Spetses, exclusive and elegant – a popular day trip destination for city-weary Athenians. Great: There are almost no cars, on Spetses you go by bike or horse-drawn carriage.

Buildings in the city of Monemvasia in front of a rocky cliff with stone houses and trees in a square.

Monemvasia – Invisible City

This spot in the Laconia region of the Peloponnese isn’t just known for its azure waters. The history of the medieval city dates back to the 6th century when the inhabitants settled on a rock that was split off from the mainland by an earthquake in 375 AD. The castle town was built invisibly from the mainland to protect against enemies.

The houses of Makrinitsa village at night are situated in a forest on the side of Mount Pilio.

The Villages of Pelion – Living in the Forest

Pelion is a mountainous peninsula with a multitude of charming villages surrounded by forests. Many, like Makrinitsa (picture), offer great views of the Aegean Sea. The traditional stone architecture and the winding paths through the forest give the villages a fairytale flair. In addition to beautiful beaches, there are good hiking trails that connect many of the villages.

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