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Seven great deals on after-school snacks so the kids can munch for less

MOST kids make a dash for the snack cupboard after school – but nowadays it’s costing a lot more to keep it full.

With some clever swaps, however, you can save a packet. Here are my top deals and easy switches to help you beat the munchies for less . . .

Seven great deals on after-school snacks so the kids can munch for less

CUT-PRICE COPYCATS: Jacob’s Mini Cheddars are a deliciously filling treat, but Aldi’s Snackrite Mini Cheese Bakes are a great match.

A 12-pack of the Jacob’s version costs £3 at Asda, but Aldi’s cheeky copies are 77p for seven — which works out at 11p a bag instead of 25p.

Monster Claws are Aldi’s answer to Monster Munch. A 12-pack of the originals costs £2.75 at Sainsbury’s (23p per bag), while a ten-pack of Aldi’s Claws costs £1.25 (around 13p a bag).

Kids love to pick up a Penguin bar, but get them to snack on a Seal bar instead. Tesco has eight McVitie’s Penguin bars for £1.50, but Aldi’s Belmont Seal bars are 85p for the same number, saving you 65p.

HEALTHY SAVINGS: Carrot sticks and dip are a healthy option to help keep little ones full until dinner time.

Sainsbury’s has 1kg of carrots price-matched to Aldi at 45p, and its roasted red pepper houmous is down from £1.35 to £1 at the moment.

Apple slices and peanut butter are another good alternative. Asda’s Just Essentials range has a 500g bag of apples for 65p and a 340g jar of crunchy peanut butter for £1.05. Snack kebabs are a fun way to get a little extra fruit and veg on their plates at teatime.

Load up cocktail sticks with cherry tomatoes, chunks of cucumber and cheese or mini sausages. You can also make sweet ones, with strawberries and pineapple.

FREEZER FILLER: Potato waffles are perfect to keep in the freezer for emergencies — and you don’t even need the oven.

Toast them on a medium-high setting for one cycle, leave to stand for a minute and then toast again.

Tesco has a box of ten Birds Eye waffles for £1.95, or head to Iceland where you can get four boxes for £5, saving you £2.80.

Deal of the day

The Warmlite cast iron-effect electric stove, down from £146 to £99

STAY warm and toasty with the Warmlite cast iron-effect electric stove, down from £146 to £99 at B&Q.

SAVE: £47

Cheap treat

This Lindt Teddy is down from £3 to £2.50

GET a cute chocolate fix with Lindt’s Teddy, 100g, £2.50, down from £3 at

The confectioner will donate £1 to NSPCC’s Childline service for every one sold, including at big stores.

Top swap

Lofty jacquard sweater, £195, from Toast
H&M’s jacquard-knit jumper, £24.99

JUMPER season is here.

Keep chills at bay with this cosy Lofty jacquard sweater, £195, from Toast. Or H&M’s jacquard-knit jumper is just as warm and stylish at £24.99.

SAVE: £170.01


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