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Five Aldi and B&M bargains from £7 that could save £100s on you energy bills this winter

TEMPERATURES have plummeted and with energy prices so high you might be looking for ways to save money on staying warm.

Aldi and B&M have some bargains on sale that could help you keep you snuggly without having to burst the bank.

Try a handful of products from B&M and Aldi to save on your bills this winter

Aldi is known for its Specialbuys, while B&M stocks items on the cheap, like this 10p winter essential.

You can slash your energy bills by as much as £80 a year just by turning your thermostat down by one degree.

But you can also look to pick up a bargain from your nearest Aldi or B&M to cut your costs.

Remember, if you’re getting anything delivered you’ll have to pay a fee.

And of course, you should always shop around for the best deals – Google Shopping or websites like Price Spy and Idealo can be really helpful if you’re wanting to compare prices.

Hot water bottle 2l, £7

B&M is selling this hot water bottle for £7

You can’t go wrong with a hot water bottle to keep you warm throughout the winter. And B&M is selling this one for just £7.

It comes in two colours – blush and white – and can hold two litres of water.

You’ll have to head to your nearest store to pick one of them up though, and they’re subject to availability.

If you use a hot water bottle for the same four months of the year, it’ll cost you just £1.52 as well.

Thermal TV blanket, £10

You can pick up this thermal TV blanket for just a tenner

B&M’s thermal tv blanket might not be heated, but it will still keep you warm enough.

If it means not having to turn your radiator on, it’ll save you on bills too.

The blanket comes in three colours – sage, silver and charcoal – and is machine washable.

You can get it delivered in the silver and sage colours but the charcoal colour is only available in-store.

The cheapest delivery option is £3.95.

Silent Night electric blanket, £25

This Silent Night electric blanket will keep you warm on a cold night

B&M claims its Silent Night electric blanket costs just 1p to heat your bed.

There are three options to choose from with the cheapest coming out at £25.

On average, Utilita Energy estimates it costs around 10p to run a heated blanket for one hour a day for seven days.

So, if you use it for an hour per night for the coldest four months of the year, that’s 91 nights and a total cost of £1.92.

Kirkton House Neck Wrap, £7.99

Aldi shoppers can get hold of a neck wrap for only £7.99

Neck wraps are ideal for keeping you warm on a colder evening.

They come with beads inside that you can heat up in the microwave, or you don’t have to heat them up.

Aldi’s one is £7.99 and comes with a soft and fluffy cover.

Customers have given the product a 4.7 out of five stars rating too.

You’ll have to pay a £2.95 fee for standard delivery though.

Hooded 3D blanket, £12.99

Aldi’s hooded blanket will set you back just £12.99

Aldi’s hooded blanket is ideal for cold winter nights on the sofa and comes with 3D ears.

It comes in at £12.99, and is machine washable but you can’t tumble dry it.

The product’s a giant hit with customers too – they gave it a 4.6 out of five stars rating.

One shopper said they loved their first one so much that they bought two more.

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