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I’m a mum – my eight favourite Aldi dupes that will help cut your grocery bill

A MONEY saving mum has shared some of the best Aldi dupes that can help save you money on your weekly shop.

Aldi is notorious for creating dupes of popular products and selling them at bargain prices.

Aldi has always been popular for dupes of big brands

From perfume to gin, the discount supermarket has made its own versions of practically everything you can think of.

A savvy TikToker has listed some of the best dupes on offer in the store and they’re all family favourites.

In the video posted by popular bargain hunter Holly Smith, or hollyvlogsofficial, Holly goes around Aldi pointing out the products that will look familiar to most shoppers.

Over the top of the video she says: “Aldi dupes which will save you money.”

She picks up eight dupes for Aero chocolate bars, Mars bars, Kinder Bueno bars, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Quavers, Squares Bars, and fizzy Vimto.

The video has over 55k likes and hundreds of comments from fellow shoppers.

One wrote “it actually all tastes banging” and another said “better priced and better quality.”

We wanted to see just how much these dupes could save you on your weekly shop compared to other major supermarkets.

We’ve carried out a price by price comparison of each product at different supermarkets.

We have also had a look at how much it would cost if you purchased it in your weekly shop for a year and how much you’d save annually by swapping to Aldi.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that prices can vary from day to day based on offers available that week.

The first item Holly picks up is a 100g bar of bubbly milk chocolate, on the Aldi website at the moment these are priced at 79p.

If this was in your weekly shop every week for a year it would cost you £41.08.

We found a bar of Aero, 90g, for £1 at Tesco which would cost you £52 annually if it was in your shop each week – so Aldi would give you a saving of £10.92.

Next up is a six pack of Titan bars which Holly calls a dupe for Mars, these cost 62p online – that’s £32.24 a year if you bought it every week.

The cheapest Mars bar equivalent we could find is a four pack of bars for £1.50 in Tesco, which would be £78 annually.

This means making the swap to Aldi would save £45.76.

The Hazelnut Spirals are an alternative to Kinder Bueno bars says Holly, they will cost you £1.29 for a seven pack.

Every week for a year that would be £67.08.

Asda is selling a four pack of Kinder Bueno bars for £1.85 – but there are two fingers per pack so it is eight individual bars.

If you popped this in your weekly shop every week for a year it would cost you £96.20. So, Aldi would save you £29.12.

The first of the drinks options Holly picks out is a six pack of cola cans which is currently priced at £1.39, £72.28 a year if bought annually.

Iceland is selling a six pack of Coca-Cola for £3.50, if this was in your trolley every week it would end up costing you £182 a year.

If you made the swap to Aldi, you would be saving a huge £109.72 a year.

Next up for fizzy drinks is a Pepsi Max dupe, in Aldi at the moment you can grab a six pack for £1.39 – £72.28 a year.

The only six pack of Pepsi Max we could find was at Tesco for £2.85, so if this was bought weekly it would be £148.20 a year.

By switching to Aldi you could save £75.28 a year on this product.

Aldi’s two litre bottle of fizzy orange is next and it currently costs just 55p so if you fancied this every week it would cost you £28.60.

Of course this is a dupe for Fanta, which we found cheapest for £1.99 at Morrisons which alternatively would be £103.48 annually.

The swap to buying your Fanta at Aldi every week would save you £74.88 per year.

For crisp fans, Holly then shows viewers that Aldi sells a 10 pack of cheese curls for £1.25.

Buying these every week for a year would see you spend £65.

This is cheaper than Quavers usually retail at, we found a 12 pack at Tesco for £2.75 which would be £143 a year.

So, by making this swap you would save £78 annually.

Squares bars are a popular snack at the moment, Holly found a dupe in Aldi for just £1.09 for a four pack, if you love these enough to buy them every week you would spend £56.68.

The cheapest branded version we found was at Waitrose which is selling them for £1.50 – buying these every week for a year would cost £78.

That means that if you made this swap to the Aldi bars you would be saving £21.32 a year.

Finally, Holly found a 2L Vimto dupe in Aldi and while we couldn’t find the exact current price for this one we would assume it was the same price as the fizzy orange – just 55p and £28.60 a year.

At Asda you can pick up a bottle of the branded Vimto for £1.25, which would be £65 a year if it was in your basket every week.

Buying at Aldi instead would see you save £36.40 a year, not so shabby.

As you can see if you decided to fill your trolley at Aldi every week you could see savings of hundreds of pounds a year.

As always, remember to check elsewhere in case we missed a cheaper price – there’s never a bad time to catch a bargain.

Prices may vary day to day as well depending on what deals are on, and remember to look at delivery costs too if you’re ordering online.

There’s a really easy-to-use comparison site called, which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and helps you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it’s cheaper.

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