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Aldi teases return of Kevin the Carrot for Christmas advert – and fans are loving it

ALDI is teasing shoppers with a new trailer for its Christmas advert – and Kevin the Carrot is back.

The carrot has featured in the discounter’s Christmas campaign for the past five years and he looks set to return in 2022.

Kevin the Carrot returns in Aldi’s Christmas ad this year
Kevin the Carrot has a kickabout with some famous footballing names
The teaser advert has also referenced the 1990 Christmas film Home Alone

Aldi’s teaser advert begins with Kevin and his family in the airport departure lounge, preparing for a Christmas trip to Paris.

Kevin is reading a newspaper and expresses his disapproval over holding a football tournament in December – a reference to the World Cup, which is set to begin later this month.

He screws up the newspaper then tosses it away, only for some familiar football characters to use it as a football for a kickabout.

Ronaldi passes the ball to ‘Messy’, who is inevitably creating a mess by knocking over cups of coffee as he dribbles with the ball.

The ball gets passed from Messy to MmmBap to Roy Bean as Kevin tries to keep up – but his fitness isn’t exactly the best.

Macaroony, Beth Swede and Marrowdona also join in the fun.

The ball reaches Kevin, but he doesn’t hit the target.

His shot clips the crossbar – the belt of a security barrier – and hits the departure board as we see the status of his flight to Paris change from “boarding” to “departed”.

A very disappointed Kevin quickly realises he’s missed his flight.

Viewers see the rest of the carrot clan sitting comfortably on the plane, when Kevin’s wife Katie suddenly realises that Kevin is missing.

She shouts “Kevin” in a scene reminiscent of the 1990 Christmas classic Home Alone.

The clip has already aired on TV channels but you can watch it above or on YouTube.

Aldi is expected to release the full advert later this month, although it remains tight-lipped about the exact date.

The discounter has also been teasing shoppers about the advert on Twitter, tweeting a picture of a plane ticket with Kevin’s name on.

While another tweet showed a picture of a luggage tag attached to an orange suitcase also baring Kevin’s name.

Aldi fans were thrilled to find out that Kevin the Carrot will be returning again this year.

One Twitter user said: “Ooh new Kevin advert soon! It isn’t Christmas without Kevin.”

While another added: “The perfect Christmas! Welcome back Kevin.”

And a third person said: “Omg yay Kevin the Carrot! I was as just saying I really hoped Kevin was coming back!”

Last year, the discounter’s Christmas advert featured Marcus Rashford as the voice of a radish and Kevin the Carrot.

The animated ad was a Dickensian-style take on A Christmas Carol and followed the story of Ebanana Scrooge. 

The year before, Kevin took to the skies as a fighter jet pilot.

The popularity of the Christmas adverts mean Aldi usually has to limit the amount of Kevin the Carrot toys one shopper can buy to two each.

In 2019, Aldi shoppers fought and pushed to get their hands on the toys after queueing since 6.30am.

The toys then sold on eBay for up to £1,000 just hours after going on sale.

What’s your favourite Christmas advert?

Of course, other Christmas lovers may not agree that Aldi’s is the best ad of the year.

We’ve rounded up all the Christmas ads of 2022 so far to help you decide.

TV presenter Alison Hammond stars as a fussy countess in Sainsbury’s cheeky fairytale-inspired ad.

It’s A Sin star Lydia West stars in the Boots ad this year.

She finds a pair of magical glasses that let her see what brings people joy, helping to create a magical Christmas for her family and friends.

Tesco’s Christmas advert highlights the importance of spreading joy and affordability this festive period.

Morrisons brings back festive hero Farmer Christmas in its cheery offering.

Lid’s advert follows the journey of “Lidl Bear”, a teddy who becomes famous, leaving its young owner.

The tale ends when the pair are reunited at Christmas.

Comedy duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have been reunited in the M&S food Christmas ad.

Dawn voices a mischievous fairy who brings Duckie – a dog’s stuffed toy voiced by Jennifer – to life with a wave of her wand.

Disney’s advert is an animated tear-jerker which aims to highlight the importance of being with family during the festive season.

While Very has release a sassy 40-second film featuring a mum enjoying her Christmas celebrations with friends, family and even work pals.

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