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Aldi is selling a £7.99 Special Buy that promises to keep you warm and costs only 7p an hour

ALDI is selling a mega hot water bottle for £7.99 that could help drive down energy bills this winter.

The supermarket‘s Kirkton House Long Hot Water Bottle is 3cm long and has a two litre capacity.

Aldi is selling mega long hot water bottle for just £7.99 and could help you save on energy bills
It comes with a cozy faux fur cover

It could help households stop reaching for the thermostat and help save money as energy bills soar this winter.

To use the hot water bottle, you’ll need to boil the kettle to fill it up.

According to Uswitch it currently costs 7p to boil a kettle for five minutes at a time.

If you wanted to refill your hot water bottle every hour to keep warm and used it for four hours a day, it will cost you 28p.

However, the exact amount you’ll be spending depends on the power rating of your kettle, and how often you use it.

But it will still cost a lot less than putting the heating on.

The amount you’ll spend on central heating will vary on numerous factors including the size of your home and energy tariff, but could cost as much as £810 a year.

But topping up Aldi’s hot water bottle would come out at £102.20 a year – over £700 cheaper.

The hot water bottle is twice the size of a normal hot water bottle and includes a faux fur cover.

You can buy it online, or in stores – you can use the supermarket’s online store checker tool to see where your nearest one is.

When The Sun compared prices online, we couldn’t see any cheaper than this.

Hot water bottles aren’t the only nifty gadget you could use to slash your bills.

You can buy heated insoles for your slippers, heated gillets, and electric blankets – which also all cost just pennies to run.

But Lloyds Pharmacy is selling an even longer hot water bottle at 72cm at £10 if you wanted a longer one for less.

How can you save money on your energy bills this winter?

We regularly bring you cost cutting ways to keep your energy bills down, here are a few of the easiest ways.

Putting radiator foil – or tin foil if you’re on a tight budget – behind your radiator could save on your energy bills every time you whack the heating on.

TikToker Kyle Mattison AKA ThatPropertyGuy revealed neglecting to bleed your radiators could force them to work harder, and it means you could end up wasting energy heating nothing.

To save the most money, you want to stop cold air coming in and prevent warm air from escaping.

DIY draught-proofing starts at just over £3 for a roll of self-adhesive draught-excluding tape though.

Switch to using LED lights in your home, one bill payer saved £40 a month on energy by using all LEDs.

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