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Amazing hack reveals how to keep your clothes wrinkle free when you’re travelling

THIS is the amazing hack that will help you keep your clothes wrinkle free when you’re travelling.

And, the one item you need is something you most likely have around the house – especially around this festive, gift-giving time of year.

Fashion experts have revealed the hack they use to keep their clothes wrinkle free while travelling

And if you don’t, you can buy it for a pound.

The answer to wrinkle-free clothes while travelling with them stuffed in a suitcase is tissue paper.

Fashion experts have revealed the hack, and say the lightweight gift wrap can be put around delicate clothing to stop them crinkling up.

Stylist Linda Rodin, the creator of Rodin Olio Lusso, told Harper’s Bazaar: “I put my blouses in tissue paper so they don’t wrinkle.”

Tissue paper also comes in handy when traveling for Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, director and a cofounder of D’NA boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

She said: “Tissue paper has become a part of my packing ritual.

“I will typically pack all of my shoes together, each one stuffed with tissue paper to maintain its form and encased in a cloth bag.

“I group heavier garments and tailored pieces, and I place the lightest things on top so that they don’t get crushed.”

Plus, the Deena said there are other handy uses for tissue paper.

She says it will save your fragile belongings, like embroidered handbags, dainty dresses, and other delicate accessories — from damage during travel.

The travel expert recommended placing a sheet or two between the folds of the garment so it doesn’t rub together.

She also uses tissue paper to stuff the bodices and sleeves of her heavily constructed pieces so they keep their form while in your bag.

Meanwhile, a flight attendant has sworn by a £1.50 item for when she travels – and most people will have it in their house.

And another flight attendant revealed the two unusual items she always packs – and you can get them from the hardware store.

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