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Cheapest shop to buy giant Quality Street tins this week – but there’s a catch

CHOCOLATE fans can get their hands on cheap tubs of Quality Street in time for Christmas – but there’s a catch.

One supermarket has slashed the price of the festive treats just days before December 25.

Tesco is selling giant tubs of Quality Street at a cheap price this week

Tesco is selling a giant 871g Quality Street tins for just £6 in stores and online – the cheapest deal for this size.

But to get the bargain, you’ll need to be a Clubcard holder.

The supermarket has made the chocs part of its Clubcard price promotion.

That means you’ll need to be signed up top its loyalty card scheme, otherwise you’ll pay the normal price of £10.

You can get a Tesco Clubcard for free and earn points as you shop, as well as getting cheaper prices.

While this deal is one of the cheapest we’ve seen, it’s always worth comparing with prices of smaller tubs of Quality Street.

B&M is currently selling 650g tubs for £4 – or 62p per 100g.

This is 7p cheaper than Tesco’s deal, which works out at 69p per 100g.

It means you’re getting more for your money per 100g if you bought a tub from B&M.

It just goes to show that you should always check the price per wight when comparing.

But it’s important to note that the larger size Quality Street also come in a tin, rather than tub.

You might want to fork out a little bit more for an old-style tin, that you may be able to reuse as something else.

Comparing weights, as well as prices, can help you to work out if you’re getting the best deal.

Prices can also vary day to day what deals are on at the time and remember you might pay for delivery you’re ordering online.

You can compare prices on websites like Google shopping and – which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and lets you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it’s cheaper.

Here’s how prices of Quality Street compare at supermarkets and high street stores this week.


Tesco is selling a 871g Quality Street tins for £6 in stores and online – this is a Clubcard price.

This is the cheapest deal we spotted on the giant tins.

Or shoppers could get a 600g tub for a fiver – 83p per 100g.


Lidl is currently offering a pretty good deal, selling 600g tubs for £3.99 – or 67p per 100g.

The discount supermarket doesn’t sell the larger tins.

However, you can’t order online so will have to go in store and stock may vary.


Sainsbury’s, like Tesco, is also selling a 600g tub of Quality Street for £5.

This is full price and not currently on offer.

The retailer is also selling a larger 871g Quality Street tin for £8.

But that’s pricier at 92p per 100g compared to 83p per 100g for the smaller tub.


Morrisons has its 600g tub on shelves for £4.99 in store and online.

It is currently out of stock online but you could be lucky popping in to your local store.

But the supermarket does have the larger tin in stock for £8 – the same price as Sainsbury’s.


The 600g tub at Asda is priced at £4.

The retailer is also selling a larger 871g Quality Street tin for £8.

But again, that’s pricier than the £4 tub, and just goes to show that you should always check the price per wight when comparing.


B&M is selling a 650g tub for £4 – but you do get slightly more for that price compared to others.

The tub, which is only available in stores and not on the B&M website, works out as 62p per 100g.

The retailer also sizes giant tins, but they’re a little on the pricey side at £9.


Iceland is selling 600g Quality Street tubs from £5.

Once again you’ll find a bigger tub but at a more expensive price.

The 871g tin will set you back £7.


The cheapest 600g tub of Quality Street we could spot on Amazon will set you back £9.91.

Plus you’ll need to factor in delivery costs, so you’re likely better off visiting a supermarket.

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