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Clubcard warning for Tesco shoppers as major change coming within days

TESCO customers will see a major change to Clubcard vouchers come into force from Monday.

Shoppers are being urged to use their Tesco Clubcard delivery codes before the changes take effect on November 14.

Clubcard warning for Tesco shoppers as major change coming within weeks

At the moment, Tesco delivery saver codes are worth three times Clubcard vouchers for those who use the scheme, but from Monday, that will no longer be the case.

The supermarket’s delivery pass costs up to £83.99 a year and 50p’s worth of vouchers can be exchanged for £1.50.

This means that up to now, anyone who wants a pass needs to only have used £28 for their Clubcard vouchers.

But, The Sun exclusively revealed in August that the vouchers will only be worth their face value when buying a delivery pass.

Anyone wanting a bargain pass should trade in their points before November 14 to get a better rate.

Shoppers can do so by requesting a delivery saver code on the Clubcard app.

The app is free to download from the Apple app store or the Google Play store for Android users.

Tesco offers various delivery passes – including 12-month off-peak ones which delivers the next day after 3pm and costs £47.88, or any-time passes for £83.88.

Six-month passes are also available at £29.94 for off-peak deliveries or £47.94 for peak.

You can also pay monthly rather than upfront.

Shoppers get one point for every £1 spent in-store and online at Tesco, and one for every £2 spent on fuel.

One point is worth 1p in Tesco.

A Tesco spokesperson previously told The Sun that Clubcard is how customers can get the best value from shopping at the supermarket.

But Tesco isn’t the only supermarket to offer delivery plans and passes.

Asda‘s anytime delivery pass costs £65 a year, or £6.50 a month, while a midweek, 12-month pass costs £35 a year, or £3.50 a month.

Morrisons‘ anytime delivery annual pass costs £70, while a six-month pass will set you back £45.

If you want to pay monthly, this will set you back £8.

Buying an annual pass works out as the best value for money based on one shop per week at an average delivery cost of £4.15.

Meanwhile, a Sainsbury’s anytime annual pass is priced at £80.

An anytime monthly pass costs £7.50 per month, while an anytime pass for six months would cost you £40.

Lastly, Iceland doesn’t do passes, but you get free next-day delivery on orders over £40.

Meanwhile, Tesco is selling a bargain bottle of Baileys for just £8 this week for Clubcard customers.

It has also launched its festive sandwich range for Christmas.



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