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Common household item that costs under £1 could help slash energy bills

A COMMON household item that costs under £1 could help slash your energy bills this winter.

Putting cling film on your windows might seem unusual, but it can help seal up pesky draughts and add another layer of insulation.

Putting clingfilm on your windows could help you save money on your energy bills

When there are gaps in your windows and doors, it lets cold air in and hot air out.

It means you’re more likely to turn the heating up, or leave it on for longer.

But blocking these holes up with clingfilm can help you reduce your energy costs.

You can buy clingfilm in supermarkets for under £1 – Asda sells rolls for 73p, for example.

Draught-proofing around the home in general could save you £45, according to Energy Saving Trust.

It could help you turn the central heating down too – turning the thermostat down just one degree could save you £100 on your energy bills according to Uswitch.

How else can you draught proof your home for less?

Draught excluders can save you around £30 a year the Energy Saving Trust has previously said.

We’ve spotted them on sale at Amazon for £7.99 before, but of course you should always shop around for better offers.

And you don’t even have to buy one – you can make them for free by filling a large piece of fabric with old clothes or rice.

Draught-proofing your chimney may be bad news for Santa this Christmas, but it could save you a whopping £90 on your energy bills.

Invest in a chimney draught excluder to help you plug the chill – they cost around £20.

You might not think it, but your floorboards could be costing you a small fortune when it comes to your energy bills.

Shell Energy estimates that insulating them properly – such as putting a big rug down – could save you up to £180 a year.

It’s easy to forget about your loft if you only use it to store your old junk.

But as heat rises, it can escape through small gaps around your loft hatch.

According to Energy Saving Trust, insulating your loft properly will save you at least £330 on your bills.

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