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We ditched the rat race to live in a VAN and save a fortune – we can stay in campsites for the same price as a coffee

A DAD-of-two ditched the rat race to live in a van with his family and they have managed to save a fortune.

Marcus Leach has been on the road for nearly five months in a Bailey of Bristol motorhome.

Marcus Leach and his family have been on the road for nearly five months
They live in a Bailey of Bristol motorhome
The lifestyle is cheaper than living in a home in the UK

His wife Kim and kids Harrison, seven, and Dorothy, four, left their home in Monmouth, Wales.

With plans to make it to Croatia in the first three months, the Leach family travelled anticlockwise starting in France before heading to Belgium, Switzerland and then the Dolomites in Italy to escape the heat.

From there they travelled to Austria and Slovenia before making it to Croatia in 88 days.

Unsure about winter plans, Marcus told iNews: “It’s going to get cold, so we’ll probably go down to the coast where it’ll be about 15C-20C, then go back to Slovenia to do a bit of skiing, and then head south to get a boat to Morocco.”

Although life on the road has its struggles, Marcus added Covid gave them the confidence to try the new lifestyle.

“We had to start home-schooling our son, which we enjoyed, and realised we could continue doing it while travelling,” he said.

“Some days, it’s pure fun – I won’t lie, we just go and do really fun activities.

“I think we’re all very happy with our way of life”

With plans to originally be on the road for a year and a half, the family said they don’t have any reason to come back to the UK just yet.

Marcus earns money as a freelance journalist and says it’s “more than enough” to cover their lifestyle as well as being able to save.

“If we were in the UK, any savings would be immediately spent on the increased cost of living,” he said.

Living in other countries has meant the family can see what their money can get them.

Marcus said in Switzerland it cost around £6 for a coffee – which is the same price as a night on a campsite in Montenegro.

However fuel in Bosnia is 40p cheaper per litre than in Montenegro.

The Leach family aren’t the only ones making lifestyle changes amid the cost of living crisis.

One couple from Wales emptied their home and moved into a seven-tonne lorry.

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