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Shoppers rush to buy £14 Dunelm heater that costs just pennies to warm rooms

BARGAIN hunters are said to be rushing out to snap up a £14 Dunelm heater that costs just pennies to run.

It comes as arctic conditions continued to freeze the nation today as temperatures plummeted, with numerous yellow weather warnings for snow and ice issued by the Met Office.

The Dunelm heater is priced at £14 and costs 68p an hour to run

The plummeting temperatures have led the UK Health Security Agency to send out a Level 3 cold weather alert across England.

With the cost of living crisis continuing along with energy bills soaring, which are set to go even higher next year, many people are frantically searching for cheap ways to stay warm this winter.

It seems that Dunelm may have come up with a solution, and customers are already raving about the heater.

The small fan is priced at just £14 and costs around 68p an hour to run which could help people save some money.

Dunelm’s website says: “This DF fan heater is ideal for keeping your home warm this winter. With carry handles this heater is easy to manoeuvre around your house.

“This heater comes with a safety cut out, thermostatic controls a full colour box and a plug that is fitted with a 13 AMP fuse.”

The heater seems to have already gained a strong following, if the online reviews are anything to go by.

One comment said: “Great fan heater, which warms the room quickly, great value and economical to run.”

Another added: “It’s an inexpensive little heater that heats any room in fifteen minutes and is cheaper to run.”

“Brilliant product – very efficient, convenient and not expensive to warm a room quickly,” wrote a third.

A fourth commented: “Bought 2 of these items for a family and they loved it.

“The delivery was efficient and pricing is good as well.”

Someone else chipped in with: “The heater is very light and functions very powerfully, it is small so very portable and easy to store away when not in use.

“It does the job quite well, when you don’t want to use the central heating you can keep it close to you for quick warmth and it is designed safe so you can keep it close to you.”

Elsewhere, the TikTok user known as the “Duchess of Thrift” took to the social media site to rave about Dunelm’s bedding, saying it dried in an hour thanks to the fabric it’s made from.

She said: “When it’s cold and wet outside you don’t want to use the tumble dryer.

“If you’re like us you’ve got three double beds in the house, you’ve got a duvet, pillowcases, sheet, hanging around.

“So I’ve bought this. This is the fleecy teddy bear set.

“It’s a Dunelm one and it’s £22 for the double.”

As well as being “super soft” and “very warm”, it comes out “practically dry” if you put it on for an extra spin.

“It takes an hour to dry,” she said.

“Compared to my old cotton bedding – that would take nearly 48 hours to dry hanging over the bannisters.

“So I cannot recommend this enough.”

Shoppers have also been praising Dunelm’s bargain air fryer which costs just £65.

One fan shared the finding to social media, writing: “For anyone looking for air fryers, Dunelm had a big delivery of them yesterday, worth checking there if you have one near you.”

Plenty of others shared their thoughts on the website, with one saying: “Wish I had bought one sooner, really easy to use and have recommended to friends who have bought and also love it!”

Another was impressed: “Excellent air fryer – big enough for a family of 4 with a very good price for the big fryer.

“Cooks quick and it has a timer, so you can do other things without being worried about it – highly recommend it.”

Dunelm’s version is 6L with eight possible cooking settings.

It features one frying basket with 360° circular hot wind to ensure a light and efficient cooking process.

But the website doesn’t say which temperature it reaches, so you might need to call up and ask the store before buying.

Homeware store Dunelm is proving to be popular with shoppers

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1 Comment

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