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I’m an electrician – the ‘phantom load’ appliances adding £250 a year to bills and how to avoid it

HOUSEHOLDS could be throwing away hundreds of pounds, without realising it when it comes to unused appliances in homes.

An electrician with over 15 years’ experience has revealed the huge mistake to watch out for.

Electrician Daniel Blake has revealed how to cut bills

“Switch items off at the wall and don’t leave them on standby,” says Daniel Blake, of the electrical company 

“This may seem pretty obvious but so many people don’t realise that on average the cost (if left on standby) can equate to around £250 per year.

“This is called Phantom load, when electrical items are left on standby. They don’t need to be.” 

As our energy costs continue to soar, his advice comes at a very good time. 

Earlier this month, households were warned about the top “vampire” appliances that add extra to bills.

The worst appliances for “phantom load”

The appliances you need to check in your home.

Daniel said: “The worst offenders of phantom loads in your house are typically related to entertainment systems.

“For example TVs, cable boxes, video game systems, audio systems, phone/device charges and other related equipment are the most likely sources of phantom loads in your home.”

You should check each of these items in your home and make sure they are not left on standby.

We’ve previously warned about vampire appliances that need to be turned off in homes.

While Martin Lewis has signed out one “demon” appliance that pushes up bills.

How much could you save?

The amount you could save will vary based on how much energy you use, the size of your home, where you live and which appliances are left on standby.

The energy efficiency rating of your appliances will also have an impact on how much it costs you to use them, even when left on standby.

Figures show the average saving is £250 a year, based on someone who pays £2,500 a year on bills.

Some appliances typically cost more than others, for example a TV can soak up almost £25 a year when left on standby, according to British Gas.

While a Wifi router costs almost £19 a year.

However, an expert has also warned about the risks of turning off your wi-fi repeatedly, so keep this in mind when choosing which appliances to switch off entirely.

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