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I’m an energy expert & I’m warning Brits over simple heating mistake that can add to bills – here’s how to fix it

ENERGY experts have issued a warning to home owners about a simple error that can send bills rocketing.

As spikes in energy bills continue to drive the cost of living crisis, Brits are advised to heed advice on how to make heating their homes as affordable as possible.

The experts recommended some simple tips to shave costs off your bills

Many are having to turn off their heating entirely, but following some simple tips could help you avoid having to take drastic measures this winter.

According to experts at Utility Bidder, one of the major mistakes people make is to place furniture in front of their radiators.

While it may complement your interior design scheme perfectly, furniture blocking radiators will absorb heat and prevent it reaching the rest of the room.

This makes heating more expensive as you have to use more energy.

The experts said: “To use as little energy as possible, make sure there are no items of furniture such as a sofa in front of the radiator, as this will soak up the majority of the heat.”

Instead, radiators should be left exposed so they can heat the whole room.

This also applies to curtains and anything else that could absorb the heat.

Homeowners are also advised to make use of daylight, even in the winter months when it feels in short supply.

Opening all your curtains and blinds fully during the day helps the sun heat your home.

Also, after showering, experts recommend leaving the bathroom door open so that the steam can heat the areas around it.

However, Brits should be aware that this trick could lead to damp if use too often without the home being aired out on warmer days.

On cold days, though, it is important to make sure there are no drafts coming into your home, using draft excluders.

Energy experts have also recommended watching out for offers from energy suppliers to avoid paying up to £2,000 a year extra.

Brits can also slash their bills by up to £500 per year by avoiding common errors like forgetting to turn the hot water temperature down a little or switching to more efficient appliances.

A plumbing expert has also shared his top tips to keep costs down with Sun readers.

Winston Davis, founder of Avenue Heating, suggested steps like turning off your immersion switch when they aren’t using the function and making use of smart controls.

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