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Celebrities who love flying planes – from Victoria’s Secret models to Carol Vorderman

CELEBRITIES are used to travelling by plane for their work, but some faces famous have also bagged themselves a pilot’s licence.

From Hollywood star Harrison Ford to Brit stars like Carol Vorderman, these celebrities are all cleared for action in the cockpit.

Tom Cruise

More than 30 years ago, Tom Cruise appeared in the very first Top Gun Film where he got a taste of life as a death-defying fighter pilot.

Eight years after the film’s debut, Cruise obtained his pilot’s licence and he’s never stopped soaring.

As well as helicopters, Cruise commands fighter jets and takes to the cockpit in Top Gun Maverick to perform his own stunts.

He’s even showcased his talents by taking the Late Late Show host James Cordon out for a spin.

The Hollywood star teased the British actor: “We’ll just fly straight, just relax, just take it easy for a little bit’ before turning the plane upside down.”

Carol Vorderman learnt to fly a plane in her 50s

Carol Vorderman

The ex-countdown co-host proved it’s never too late to fulfil your dreams after becoming a qualified pilot in 2013, while in her 50s.

Vorderman recently took to Instagram to describe her journey from passenger to pilot.

She explained that as a young girl, she dreamt about becoming either a fighter pilot or an astronaut – but both occupations weren’t an option for girls at that time.

She said: “My first solo flight as a pilot was nine years ago today. It’s such a big thing to every pilot. The first time you take control of a plane without your instructor in the cockpit to get you out of trouble. Just you and your aircraft and air traffic control on the radio.”

In the same post, she lent her voice to the #GirlsFlyToo hashtag to inspire other woman.

Vorderman, we salute you!

John Travolta started taking flying lessons at just 15

John Travolta

Before becoming a global superstar, John Travolta was already flying high.

At just 15 he’d already had one aviation class at his school, he then became a licenced pilot only seven years later.

Ever since his first qualification, he’s even flown a Boeing 707 around the world for eight weeks.

In a video posted on his social media page, the Grease star said: “A very proud moment in my aviation history. To add to my 747 and 707 licenses, I just received my 737 license and it went very well. Just sharing my moment with you.”

It means that he’s one step closer – or funky dance move – to becoming a commercial pilot.

Supermodel Gisele passed her pilot’s tests when she was seven months pregnant

Gisele Bündchen

Global supermodel and former Victoria’s star Gisele took matters into her own hand and learnt to fly a plane after worrying about what she’d do on a flight if something happened to the pilot.

At seven months pregnant, she rose to the challenge and passed her test with flying colours.

According to the Boston Herald, the Shoreline Aviation president said that Gisele was: “one of the best pilots I’ve seen in a long time.”

Richard Hammond has been flying a Helicopter for 10 years

Richard Hammond

The former Top Gear presenter obtained his helicopter licence 10 years ago.

The journalist now owns a second-hand £150,000 Robinson R44, which he keeps at his home in Herefordshire and even uses the aircraft to fly to work.

Harrison Ford became a pilot at 53

Harrison Ford

Known for flying the Millennium Falcon around the galaxy as Han Solo, Harrison Ford became a pilot at the age of 53.

The actor took lessons when he finished university, but stopped when he ran out of cash.

After finding fame, he renewed his training and obtained his pilot‘s licence.

But Ford hasn’t been very lucky in his cockpit.

The actor has crashed several planes over the years – even being stretchered away on one occasion.

James Blunt learnt to fly a plane before he could drive

James Blunt

The You’re Beautiful singer has flying in his blood.

Blunt’s father as a colonel in the Army Air Corps, and having a dad fly military helicopters proved to be very inspiring for the singer.

James Blunt said: “I can fly! I got my pilot’s licence aged 16 before I could legally drive a car.”

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