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Parents warned over popular toy as major retailer makes massive change following complaints

PARENTS have slammed Smyths for selling soft toys of characters from the horror video game Poppy Playtime – in spite of police warnings about kids being disturbed by it.

The retailer’s website and catalogue includes plush toys and action figures of the game’s razor-tooth monster villain Huggy Wuggy, which pounces and preys on players.

Smyths has responded following backlash
Parents said the toys were too scary
The toys depict characters from a horror game
Parents complained about the toys

Hundreds of clips from the game feature on YouTube and TikTok along with menacing songs and sketches about Huggy made by fans.

The craze has led to a chilling playground game where children hug each other but then whisper threats such as: “I could hug you here forever, til you breathe your last.”

Police and schools have issued alerts to parents.

In July, Smyths listed a range of Poppy Playtime toys for pre-order in September – with one Huggy Wuggy soft toy described as suitable for kids aged three and up.

Meanwhile a four-pack of collectible Poppy Playtime figures, including Smiling Huggy Wuggy, Scary Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and Bobbie Bot was said to be for kids as young as six.

But the retailer has since changed the age suitability of the range to 12 and over amid a barrage of complaints from concerned parents. 

One wrote on Twitter: “I’m absolutely disgusted you’re selling Huggy Wuggy toys in your catalogue. Child safety should be high on your agenda.”

And a primary school teacher wrote: “I’m appalled that you are promoting and selling Huggy Wuggy toys. It’s disgusting that you think this is okay and you need to stop selling them. 

“Huggy Wuggy is not an imaginative play toy nor should it be encouraged to be engaged with.”

Smyths said: “We are a retailer of fun and games for all ages but we do make it clear which ages are appropriate for any particular product.

“In this case, we have now rated both the Poppy Playtime toy and the game as being suitable for 12+.”

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