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Chocolate fans are only just realising a major change to Quality Streets – have you spotted it?

CHOCOLATE fans are noticing a huge change to Quality Street tubs this year.

The change affects the wrapping of certain sweets inside the tins – leaving many shoppers baffled.

Shoppers have only just spotted a huge change to Quality Street tubs – have you?

Last month, Nestle revealed a number of Quality Street tubs, pouches and cartons would feature the green triangle wrapped in gold-coloured packaging this year.

Bu many are only just starting to notice, with one posting to Twitter: “What shade of green is this?”

Another chimed in: “An orange triangle in a tub of your sweets? Have I won a prize, before I eat it?”

And one more said: “How did this pass Quality control? It’s called a GREEN triangle. The clue is in the name.”

And it’s not the only sweet that was different, either – the orange crunch also appeared in a dark bronze foil in selected tubs.

The brand said the change was to accommodate shortages in foil, but that the chocolates themselves were the same as always.

Last month, Quality Street’s senior brand manager Jemma Handley said: “I promise this isn’t a publicity stunt.

“We’ve not added full size chocolate bars to the tin or removed the coconut flavour from a handful of tubs.

“We simply didn’t have enough of the right coloured foil to cover the production run of the two sweets in question and, rather than leave them out of the selection altogether, we decided to use different colours for a very limited period.”

Production at the company is now back to normal – with both green triangles and orange crunches getting wrapped in their usual colours again – but you might still pick up the odd altered tub left over at the supermarket.

Elsewhere, shoppers have been questioning the quality control at Quality Street after finding unwrapped and damaged chocolate in their tubs this year.

Many have complained about there being “naked” sweets in amongst the wrapped ones in their selection.

And when The Sun bought four tubs at random to test, we discovered three contained sweets which were either unwrapped or very poorly wrapped, or had blobs of unwrapped toffee material inside.

Nestle said it wrapped 250 sweets per minute and the very fast pace meant some were missed.

Meanwhile, there have been other changes Quality Street has made this year.

In October, Nestle announced Quality Street will axe its iconic brightly-coloured wrappers over 86 years since their release.

In a bid to become more environmentally-friendly, the treats are now being wrapped in a duller form of waxed paper, which is recyclable.

Only the two foil-covered sweets – the green triangle and orange crunch – will remain in their original packaging.

The new wrappers will be phased in until Christmas – and you may get a mix of old and new wrappers for now.

The sizes of tubs have shrunk from 650g in 2021 to 600g this year, while prices have stayed the same.

Another change is that the Honeycomb Crunch choc – which was axed in 2018 – is back.

The sweet will be available in 18 John Lewis pick ‘n’ mix stations nationwide – which allows shoppers to create their own Quality Street tins.

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